Strange goings on with some COGIC members

Several  rather strange (and tragic) events happened over the last few weeks involving  members of the Church of God in Christ denomination.

STOMP JESUS controversy – A professor at Florida Atlantic University who demanded that students write Jesus’ name on a piece of paper and then stomp on it has been placed on administrative leave due to concerns for his personal safety. Deandre Poole, a member of Lighthouse COGIC in Ft Lauderdale came under fire for the bizarre exercise after one student refused to participate and was subsequently threatened with suspension. Poole claims he was “just doing my job”.  More here

FOLK STAR GAY controversy – Michelle Shocked was a celebrated folk singer whose schedule was packed with venue appearances around the country. That was until she unexpectedly unleashed on homosexuals and gay marriage during the second half of her concert in San Francisco with a sizeable group of gays in the audience. Shocked sharply rebuked homosexuals and repeated several epithets including telling them “God hates fags”. Shocked is a long time member of West Angeles COGIC pastored by Bishop Charles Blake. The fallout has been even stranger.

EASTER SUNDAY MUSLIM EXECUTION – Members of the Hiawatha COGIC in Ashtabula, Ohio were traumatized after Easter Sunday service when a 25 year old man shot and killed another man outside the church then entered yelling Muslim statements typically associated with executions in the name of Allah. Turns out the shooter, Reshad Riddle was the son of the murder victim. Full story here


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