For the love of money: the cur$e of gay marriage

A repulsive new article by writer Diane Bullock gloats about the homosexual community’s money prowess and in the process reveals just why homosexuals really want marriage rights. And why  money, not respect or human equality, is what’s really attracting and keeping their religious, political and business vultures. The gay community is just  one big herd of cash cows and while the average person is personally opposed to homosexual behavior, the lure of the potential to make a buck off the more than willing herd is enough to override common moral sense.

Feeding frenzy
While gay marriage still has half of the Supreme Court’s robes in a bunch and Catholic bishops hunkered in total prayer and meat-fasting mode, more civilized parts of the world like, oh say, Uruguay have found themselves on the side of civil rights — and laughing all the way to the bank.

Until recently, same-sex marriage proponents have largely focused the upsides of legalization — aside from keeping the Constitution constitutional — in terms of the personal, social, and cultural benefits of taking part in the institution. For those in society unmoved by the touchy-feely appeals, here’s a motivating factor that might just turn the bigotry tide: money.

The LGBT community has serious buying power — some nearly $800 billion worth, in fact, in this country alone. When legalized marriage is open to this demographic, whole industries and institutions get to dip into its collective cookie jar.”

So the gay community are poor victims who need civil rights because they just cant seem to get ahead in this country because of alleged systemic discrimination aka “bigotry”? Gay civil rights are just like black civil rights? Lets talk about that. According to the article below, 2.1% of the US population (homosexuals) has 800 billion dollars –per year– in financial capital. Homosexual households have a higher level of expendable income above any other minority. Expendable income is the excess amount a person has after all taxes, bills, insurances, medical expense, living expenses, transportation expense, and other assorted expenses.

In contrast, the black community at 12% of the population has approximately 1.1 trillion annual “buying power” but have substantially less political power. Contextually, the 1.1 trillion is greatly diminished due to the high social and moral overhead in the black community. Consider also the Congressional Black Caucus votes in sync with **gay rights** 100% of the time without any question from black constituents. The same constituents in districts where black politicians have held power for decades live in poverty, high crime, inferior health, low education, drug infestation, substandard housing, police brutality, etc. Yet, they dutifully vote the same people back into office year after year. Clearly African Americans are seen by their representatives as expendable political capital. Politically, blacks are the equivalent of a late night booty call run in the hood. Black America has low marriage rates because plantation policies like welfare and population control tools like abortion are strong deterrents preventing the building of healthy mother-father led families. Thus, blacks in general, are not getting any of the marriage benefits pie.

That’s why homosexuals are demanding marriage and the execution of DOMA.  Not for love, monogamy or family. They want it because it will substantially increase their wealth, which in turn increases their power. Their MAIN argument is that they are denied 1,138 federal benefits mostly tied to either gaining money or consolidating it among themselves. The whole of the homosexual industry is about flushing more money in the gay community which they in turn use to pay off pastors, businesses and government officials who affirm their irreconcilable perversion. When you look at it, that’s really the ONLY way to keep these “allies” is to fawning over faux equality.

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