Alert: Exodus International president Alan Chambers now a gay activist snitch

Lowdown and dirty

A person has to be sick and perverted inside to betray alleged friends to their enemies. But that’s what Alan Chambers, president of Exodus International did. Laurie Higgins, a member of a private email group made up of friends and coworkers who labor in various fields promoting truth about homosexuality, said Chambers became angry and secretly added vicious homosexual snake Jeremy Hooper (remember him) to the group for the express purpose of Hooper exposing the group’s private conversations.

Over the past few days, something troubling involving Alan Chambers, president of Exodus International, happened.

Judith Reisman sent out an email to a large group of people (over 70). Alan Chambers responded, angry that someone in this large group has apparently used the word “pervert” in some context, which he finds offensive. He never identified the person or persons who use that type of language, nor did he identify the context.

An email exchange among a few of the people in the group ensued, and at some point someone noticed that Alan had secretly added homosexual activist Jeremy Hooper, who has a blog titled Good As You (G.A.Y.). When confronted about his secret addition of Hooper, Alan said he did so in the hope that Jeremy would report on the email exchange and that the “good and decent people” on the list would be shamed into publicly exposing and rebuking the people whose rhetoric he finds offensive.

What is troubling is that many of us on the list have never even heard the names of others, so we would not have considered it appropriate to rebuke and expose them. I asked Alan why he didn’t confront, rebuke, and expose those he believes were using inappropriate language. He didn’t answer.”

Thats because Chambers has evolved. After the set up, Hooper immediately jumped on the “expose” falsely attributing the quotes to Laurie Higgins, a favorite hate object of homosexual activists.  The emails prove that Higgins was not associated with the quote[s], but that didn’t matter, Hooper was devoted to helping Chambers lie, smear and betray the members of the group.  Hungry to print the  false accusations, a homosexual blog called Thinkprogress picked up the lie and ran with it. Soon, the more prominent progay website Salon ran the same false story. After Higgins refuted the false attribution of the quotes, Thinkprogress retracted.

How is that graceful?

Several profamily leaders confronted Chambers on Twitter about the matter yesterday, but to no avail. People with a judas spirit have already sold out to the lie.

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