Gay activists react Klan-style to EXhomosexual awareness event

Second in a series during EXhomosexual awareness month highlighting the continued challenges faced by EXhomosexual Americans.

vovHomosexual activists are a textbook example of circular hypocrisy. Their grandstanding requires that they lie so much they have long lost the realization of the vicious cycle of their lies.  Then again, history has a regressive way of repeating itself. The times may change, but the tactics of hate remain the same.

Case in point, two EXGLBT advocacy organizations  declared July as “Exgay Pride Month” and consequently planned a celebration event to highlight the contributions and ongoing struggles of American citizens who are EXhomosexual.  They made no demands on the gay community and asked nothing of them. In fact this was just a group of people who felt the need to encourage themselves and their families. Fair enough? Nope, not for homosexual activists. The announcement set off a frenzy of attacks. From the Boston Edge to jittery RightWingWatch, the online gay allied world exploded with numerous reports, blogs and oped peices about the event. Even NBC News mentioned it!  The stories were jammed with missiles named mockery, condemnation, bullying, discrimination, judging, unwarranted name calling, bigotry, intolerance and all the detestable vices homosexuals claim have no place in a fair and equal America. But it became very clear that in the eyes of homosexuals, they are the only ones who can simultaneously engage in such vicious behavior while at the same time pretending to decry it.

One of the more oft repeated mocking accusations is that only a few exgays will show up at the event. If thats true, then why is the homosexual community expending such considerable firepower to extinguish what would amount to 10 small knats in their estimation? If EXhomosexuals are so few in number, why all the elaborate objections and arguments? If small means insignificant and thus useless, then gays have erased their own historical footsteps just a few decades ago.

“The small group of gay men who created the Mattachine Society in 1951 drew on the Italian tradition of street comedy in which the jester-truthteller characters, the mattacini, revealed the flaws of pompous characters representing societal norms.

And the small group of lesbian couples who created the Daughters of Bilitis found their inspiration in an obscure 1874 poem, “The Song of Bilitis,” which invented the character of Bilitis as a companion for Sappho.”

But the smartkids [tm] who write the witty little ditty blogs probably dont know this. To them, even google is ancient history.

Remember, the nonexistence of EXhomosexuals is incontrovertible dogma in gay orthodoxy. Exgays can’t exist because if they do, then it destroys their other parallel lie that all homosexuals are born gay and cannot change. Perhaps this premature shock and awe attempt is because they sense a serious threat to their foundational mistruths. And of course you can couch your fear in shallow comedic bullying:

“In case, you’ve never heard of VoV [Voice of the Voiceless], it’s basically an anti-ex-gay defamation group, or, in other words, a group of self-haters who feel picked on.”

That’s exactly the way the Klan reacted when African Americans showed up to vote or to march for their right to be recognizedBirmingham-Water-hoses1 as full  US citizens. If this doesn’t work, maybe the gay activists will resort to dogs, water hoses and bombs. Another favorite tactic of racists were to employ vicious written caricatures of their black victims. Likewise, gay activists use grotestque sexual caricatures against Exhomosexuals (and their supporters)  here and here.

The fairness that dare not speak its name                                                                                                                                                                                    Secondly, the existence of one group of people who want to simply gather and celebrate or acknowledge their own values and agenda doesn’t cancel out the existence of another group of people. That’s called peaceful assembly and its a constitutional right.  But from the searing and frantic stories gays are churning out on the internet, you would think that EXhomosexuals had announced a one day annihilation of all American gays.

Just in case everyone had forgotten, the progay Huffington Post warned that trying to change homosexuality involves “risk and harm”:

“The American Psychiatric Association removed homosexuality from its list of men at such efforts to change one’s sexual orientation are unlikely to be successful and can involve some risk of harm.”

It has to be true because the APA said so.  One commenter reminded everyone that the “founders” of the now defunct Exodus organization (no relation to VoV) had “fell in love” and ran away together. In the commenter’s estimation all EXhomosexuals are just like their founders. If that principle is true, the founder of the gay movement Harry Hay was a self professed pedophile and satanist.  So based on that, its pretty clear that most homosexuals are satan worshipping pedophiles, right?

Finally, the two organizations have petitioned President Barack Obama to issue a proclamation declaring July “Exgay Pride Month”. That too infuriated gays. But if Barack Obama is president of all the people and EXhomosexuals are  tax paying citizens, why not issue a proclamation encouraging support for them and their families?

With all of the hate bombs exploding across the internet, such a proclamation would be a welcome respite.


If you want to support our efforts to help EXGLBT and their families, give to the Overcomers Network or if you are a pastor and want to help create affirming and welcoming places for EXhomosexuals and their families, please list with the EXGLBT Affirming Church Resource.




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