Ministries helping homosexuals change still strong despite massive gay propaganda

FINAL in a series of articles during EXhomosexual awareness month highlighting the continued challenges faced by EXGLBT Americans.

After the implosion of Exodus North America in June via the hands of its director Alan Chambers, the gay media (with the help of its msm concubines) went on a celebratory frenzy. From coast to coast, homosexual activists hailed the “apology” of Chambers and his announcement of the cessation of Exodus as a signal marker of the end of so called “exgay” ministry. Google if you’re interested in reading it all.

What’s left standing?

puzzle-piecesBut when the smoke of apostasy cleared,  the only thing the demise of Exodus North America revealed was that ministry to homosexuals remains strong and unaffected despite the massive propaganda spread by gay activists.  Exodus North America was simply one component of the global outreach of Exodus Global Alliance (EGA). If one state out of 50 ceased to function, would the entire US be on life support? Hardly. The other 49 would learn to survive and thrive without it.  Likewise, EGA remains vibrant without the North American branch.

ENA’s dissolution  could be viewed as a long awaited blessing in disguise. The signs of doctrinal infection in Chambers and his board were evident as early as 2005. GCM Watch was the first to report how Chambers’ public remarks were unbiblical and paving the way for deeper apostasy in the organizational leadership. With such a spiritually fatal infection, death seemed imminent.

However, like its existing counterparts, Exodus Latin America continues to operate despite the ENA closing its US doors.

The Latin and North American branches are separate entities that fall under the umbrella of Exodus Global Alliance. ENA never informed Exodus Global Alliance of its decision to shut down and the Latin America division released a statement earlier in July to clear up any confusion that its offices might also shut down.

“Currently the leadership of Exodus International North America has departed from doctrinal foundations that are part of what we as the rest of the global ministries believe in, therefore, we totally disclaim any declarations made by Exodus International North America,” said the Exodus Latin America board of directors.

Alvaro Aguilar, a Costa Rican pastor and director of Returning to the Model of the Father, a ministry affiliated with Exodus Latin America, expressed a similar thought but offered another approach when dealing with people struggling with homosexual attractions.

He assured people that Exodus Latin America will continue and emphasized that the restoration of unwanted same-sex attraction is a process that is based on a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

“Exodus Global Alliance and Latin America continue to believe that Jesus came to do what we cannot achieve on our own. The plans of change that Jesus has for everyone continues to be possible,” said Aguilar.

Exodus Latin America acknowledged what we all now know. The North American branch fell into apostasy and no longer represent the truth. What’s more, only the Exodus North America headquarters office and its board are organizationally dead. None of the ministries across the country folded because of Chambers’ decision. They all continue to operate independently.

1000503_666273830066920_1235468998_nDespite the propaganda, mockery, threats, derision and attempts to minimize the work, it is still progressing. Similar attempts were carried out by the haters of the first century church and we all know the results of that. Today, followers of Jesus Christ blanket the globe. Here’s a few of the more well known groups taking ministry to new levels of effectiveness sans Exodus North America.

  • Numerous ministries defected from ENA and formed a new organization called Restored Hope Network which includes the largest and oldest of ENA’s former “member ministries”.
  • A conference called “Speaking the Truth in Love” was held last week in Detroit with plans to form partnerships with other organizations who help homosexuals gain their spiritual freedom. Its representative of more local churches stepping out to offer substantial ministry resources to individuals looking for an escape from homosexual bondage.
  • The Overcomers Network, formed in 2010, held its historic first General Conference in Georgia with over 100 delegates attending from 7 states. The organization is expanding with chapters in 12 US cities.
  • A new network of ministries, some former Exodus members, has formed in South Carolina under the name Hope for Wholeness Network.
  • A new advocacy organization Voice of the Voiceless was formed to combat negative stereotypes and defamation of EXGLBT Americans. VoV declared July “Exgay Pride Month” resulting in massive negative reaction by the gay community.

It appears this “scattering”  produced greater ministry fruit than previous challenges before it.

True ministry will always remain strong and vibrant not because of people. Even if a ministry’s earthly founders fail to live by the truth, the truth stands strong. It stands because it is rooted in Christ. As he confirmed with Peter in the presence of many, his work is built upon the rock and the gates of hells nor the actions of homosexual activists shall prevail against it. Mt. 16:18

What’s next?

The challenge for the newly emerged ministry groups are old but new. We don’t need to invent the wheel, but we do need to get some new spokes. Here’s what spiritual  reorientation ministries need to seriously consider:

1. Develop and implement sustainable ministry strategies

2. Understanding each other’s strengths and weaknesses, use the power of partnership for progress.

3. Discontinue unnecessary fracturing along ideological, racial and ethnic lines.

4. Make fundamental belief in the power of Christ and the renewal message of the bible prominent outreach messaging.

5. Focus on grass roots discipleship and leadership growth of new converts.

6. Don’t fear innovation as long as it has a solid root in the truth.

7. Develop a systemic common language to combat the constant revisioning of the homosexual church movement; clearly define all terms associated with ministry endeavors.

In the early church, external challenges produced some of the church’s greatest growth and victory seasons. As Leadership Advance Online notes, such times require the wisdom of those who have special insight:

Strategic innovation in the Early Church centered on its stratagem of targeting geographic (urban) and social (institutional hubs) centers of gravity. Whether by Providence or by the guidance of exceptionally astute leadership, the Church in the first and second centuries fashioned a strategy which leveraged the dominant social, political, and economic driving force of its day—the growth of Greco-Roman urban culture.

Like the men of Issachar, they “knew the times and what to do” (1 Chronicles 12:32). They leveraged for the Church’s purposes factors that served as catalysts for the growth of cities in the eastern Roman provinces. They also directly targeted the institutions that served as hubs around which the growth of cities across the Roman Empire flourished. Success in this approach meant that as the cities grew and prospered, the Early Church was destined to likewise prosper, in spite of other social and political factors which attempted to stamp out this new, so-called Jewish cult.

Now, more than ever an “Esther Moment” has arisen in our world. And though the spirit of Haman —reconstituted  in the threat of homosexuality— is strong, God has called us former homosexuals to the kingdom for such a time as this. If we are faithful to the call, we will prevail, if for no other reason than the One who called us will prevail.

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