Gays use puppet DC mayor to ban prominent African American EXgay from MLK event

McClurkinJudging from the reports in the aftermath of  Pastor Donnie McClurkin’s unjust banishment from a “civil rights” celebration event one thing is abundantly clear:  once again, the homosexual community’s  putrid hypocrisy is on full public display.  If you think this is an isolated incident, think again.  Gay activists have spearheaded  unprecedented discriminatory attacks against former homosexuals, reparative therapists, churches and related religious organizations.

GCM Watch posted a series of six articles in July, detailing the discrimination EXGLBT Americans face simply because of their personal life stories of change and transformation.

Nevermind blaming DC’s Mayor Vincent Gray. In this he’s simply a puppet whose strings are pulled by homosexuals. He knows that any disobedience would result in his swift removal from his position.

Here’s a roundup of the reports:

Donnie McClurkin via Social Cam DC Mayor univited me from the civil rights concert

Christian Post Pastor Donnie McClurkin uninvited from MLK event over exgay testimony

Prevailing Word Blog  The Uninvite of Pastor Donnie McClurkin…again

Charisma Donnie McClurkin cut from MLK Concert for gay stance

Washington Post Donnie McClurkin does not appear at King Memorial Concert

Washington Blade (gay publication) ‘Ex-gay’ gospel singer McClurkin to perform at King Memorial

Advocate (gay publication) ‘Ex-gay’ Donnie McClurkin fired from MLK Concert

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3 Responses to Gays use puppet DC mayor to ban prominent African American EXgay from MLK event

  1. The word is out. Look who’s really the culprits of hatred. Certainly, when you hate on this level, the devil always shows his true colors. No one hates a fireman. No one hates a rescue responder. All we are doing is to try to help people out of the fire and rescue people from sin, and true preachers are hated.

  2. [...] a Christian black musician who used to be involved in the homosexual lifestyle, was recently blacklisted from a concert in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr.  The reason?  He’s not in the [...]

  3. Lynne says:

    This is such a disgrace but even more so in how ‘black churches’ can even bother voting (assuming vote matters) for any of these people whom blatantly hate us & the God we serve. Another reason I’m no longer a blind voting Democrat but Independent in spirit regarding politics.

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