Gays giving new meaning to “gay panic” phrase

Since Vladimir Putin, the Russian president put his official boot down on homosexuality in that nation, homosexuals worldwide have gaypanic581-582x321went into Code red panic mode. They act as if Russia is the only place in the world they can live, eat and buy children for their manufactured families. In typical sky is falling neurosis, America’s gay community has hit the supermarket floor screaming. And there is no consoling them.

To make matters worse, Putin made it a package deal and offered free therapy for any homosexual who wanted to make a change.  Its unclear if he did this in response to the US banning the same type therapy. See below.

Read the insightful oped in Lifesite News where writer Austin Ruse gives you the rundown on all the typical gay community shenanigans (bath houses, clubs and sex cruising joints) in Russia who operate in the open all the time. But according to homosexual panic-mongers in America, gays in Russia are about to be rounded up just on the suspicion of being heterosexually challenged! Already, there are  go to comparisons to Hitler. There are calls to boycott Coke, VISA, McDonald, Samsung, GE.

Let’s all pause here for a serious social media spawned SMH moment.

This is no lie and no exaggeration.  The homosexual community as a whole are like a mob of angry 4 year olds who have been told they can’t eat that pack of gummy worms right before dinner. This is why  psychotherapists (before the APA was hijacked in 1973) labeled it a disorder. If you don’t believe that just look at the angry little coloring experiment they did on Putin. And generally they do this to every world leader who denies them the gummy worms. They use the color by numbers template and make him look like a woman. Or they do those willy wonka kiss-ins.  Very jejune.

Gays aren’t the only ones nearing mental breakdown. Their President, patron saint,  CinCy and frequent White House private gay party host Barak Obama has taken the panic defense to new levels of desperation. Despite a dismal economy, off the radar, black on black gun violence in his “home city” Chicago  and one of the most dysfunctional governments in modern history, Obama has bravely dedicated his life to the success of the gay comrades.

For just a sampling of context, Obama embarked on an accept the gay tour of Africa, a mission with the subversive intent to pressure African nations with the same laws or worse as Russia to accept homosexuality. Not one single nation even remotely entertained his foolishness.  But still he wasted millions of taxpayer dollars to secure for posterity his sordid legacy. Gays in America made no stink about it because they know the Africans have a contingent of radical Muslims who actually do kill homosexuals. Check out sharia law.

But if Putin doesn’t rescind his laws against  homosexual propaganda pretty soon, we just might find ourselves in World War III. If you hear of any US troop deployments, just know GCM Watch told you first.

gayboycottReally, this is just a case of a jet black, de-rainbowed kettle trying to call a black pot, black.  Last week, the Republican governor of NJ followed the lead of the Democrat governor of CA and banned elective therapy for teens who seek help in changing their “sexual orientation”. Christie ignorantly added that gays are “born that way”.  The canned logic for passing this purely vengeful law was because they said they are “protecting children” from “dangerous practices”.

Well that’s interesting. The Russian government used the same reason for passing their laws. President Putin said that it was meant to protect innocent children from the dangers of homosexual propaganda.  Which is very understandable. Impressionable young children don’t possess the depth of maturity to know what homosexuals are attempting to do to them. Just like we protect children from other predatory social ills, the Russians see homosexuality in the same way.

Gloating homosexual activists were jubilant at the US laws but seething  at the Russian laws. So if protecting children is the goal, what’s the problem? Both countries say children are worthy to receive protection.

Although we know that homosexuals behind the anti change therapy laws are only using children as props, protecting children is a good goal. Propaganda of any kind is dangerous and its unfortunate that the US has allowed the gay propaganda machine to run unchecked. Thankfully, Russia seems to want to provide an antidote.

SN: Now, if only that WGWBS at RightWingWatch will pick this up and report it…

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