Some thinking questions about homosexuality

People ask  and complain all the time about homosexuality being treated as the “worst sin” or the “biggest sin”. Then, it will be followed by a resolution which goes something like “All sin is sin”.  You’ve probably heard some variation of that as well.  The inference of the question is that homosexuality is a sin just like any other sin  and the church is somehow penalizing people for  just the mere mention of it. So are we over inflating the sinfulness of homosexuality when it should just be another sin among many sins?  If you think we are, I have some questions for you to think about.

If homosexuality isn’t the biggest/greatest sin, then why are so many people bound in it and cant get out? Why is the devil convincing people that they were born gay and should cease  struggling and accept it? Why do so many people who get out, get sucked back into it?

If homosexuality is just an average sin on par with the others, then why is the whole world (literally) being seduced into accepting it as normal? Why has the most powerful man in the world (POTUS) made it his personal mission to advocate for it worldwide? Why does it strike such fear in the hearts of Christian preachers with thousands of followers, rendering them silent?

If homosexuality is just like all the other sins, why is it that people in the church doubt that a person can be truly delivered from it? If there’s no big deal, why is it the only sin to have entire churches and denominations devoted to its affirmation? If its a sin like any other sin, why are there hundreds of thousands of churches in America, but only a handful of ministries to help people get out of it (compare that to ex-offender ministries)? If homosexuality iswhatistheanswer no greater sin than any other sin, why is it the only sin people proudly claim as their “identity” and not just something they do?

If all sin is the same and no one is greater than the other, why does God say there are sins “unto death” and why does Romans 1  frame homosexuality as  incorporating the sum of all sins? Why is it that when you speak about homosexuality as a sin it evokes an immediately hostile response, unlike say, speaking about stealing? If its no different than any other sin, why are people who believe its a sin being ridiculed, lambasted, discriminated against and penalized simply because of this belief?

If homosexuality is just a sin like any other sin, why is there such sustained pressure to affirm it EVERYWHERE? No one is fighting/defending the acceptance of gluttony anywhere. If this is just a regular sin, no greater than another, why is the very word of God being discredited in an effort to make it appear normal?

If homosexuality isn’t the worst sin then why do we have to ask all these questions just to get to the truth?

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