Tye Tribbett hams it up with gay personality B. Slade

rosssladetyeBlack gospel music industry worker Tye Tribbett, took some time to ham it up gospel style with B. Slade, aka Tonex aka Anthony Williams formerly of the black gospel music industry until he began extolling the virtues of homosexuality. B.Slade/Tonex/Anthony returned to familiar ground: the black church stage at Ebenezer AME in Washington DC. Don’t be alarmed. False churches like Ebenezer do this kind of stuff all the time. The video was posted by its gay music director Clifton Ross III.

If you can stand a few moments of sheer cat screeching from two men, have a look and a listen.


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24 Responses to Tye Tribbett hams it up with gay personality B. Slade

  1. joe says:

    Wow, I just viewed this awful performance. Now Tonex had one decent song years ago, Make Me Over, after brief sucess, suddenly he leaves gospel music because he acts like he is above gospel music, and as a secular artist he had no sucess at all, now lately I have seen B.Slade returning to the church stage with his devilish filth. And Tribett is a gospel clown. If only these two were sincere in worshipping God in Spirit and Truth. I just seen a couple of clips of Clifton Ross III, never heard of him before, sad, all three of these men need Jesus

  2. JAMES says:

    this was too loud and all that darn screaming. At any rate, it appears bslade may make a move back into Gospel…at least for the moment to make an album w/ the winner of Sunday’s Best- Y’Anna Crawley. this stuff is too much. And Tye Tribbett, why are they @ that church? This lack of discernment is all over the place.

  3. wannabereal says:

    what i find really ‘interesting’ lol is that a few years ago Tye Tribbett was one of the most VOCAL OPPONENTS of homosexuality and anything that even resembling “gay”….he used to rail against that in almost every performance/TBN etc but then when he (Ty) had his “fall from grace” when he cheated with gospel rapper DA Truth’s wife, he’s apparently changed his tune and now sings “arm in arm” witht he likes of B. Slade who has not only admitted to being openly gay but in a relationship, as well as putting out a “video” that was probably as close to porn as you can get…..

  4. krigby says:

    This is very disturbing. I saw something in twitter about Tye supporting Tonex etc etc. I have observed since Tye’s indiscretion came to light he doesn’t speak out against anything.

    My friend recently had a dream about two men sodomizing each other at a pulpit and the people in the church were so fascinated with it. She said in the dream it was only her and another person that were disgusted by the whole mess.

    Wake up church!

    • gcmwatch says:

      Wow, that is jarring krigby!!!! But in my spirit, the Lord is affirming that is the condition of the contemporary church. AGain, wow @that dream. I wish your friend could share the full version with me via email. gcmwatch@yahoo.com

      • Kinu79 says:

        krigby, I too had a dream just like that. It was the most awkward feeling for me in that dream. I woke up and began to pray because in the dream it was several men in leadership (pastors, bishops and so on…). God shows me a lot in dreams and I don’t understand them all but I keep a journal because it always come back up in reality.

  5. Ysolo says:

    I like that… “The sum total of all wickedness”. I’ve say that in other words before, but that is my new adopted preaching phrase.

  6. Tim says:

    Some of these mentioned above were humbled when their dirty laundry was aired. But rather than remaining humble and leaning on God’s grace, they’re now buying into the “Jesus never judged anybody and it’s not love if you point out sin” mindset. Take a seat, take your correction and then get back to WORK! The call hasn’t changed and neither has the message.

    • nan says:

      Yes, that is the saying of the day, “Don’t Judge Me,” or, you not my judge, you not my savior, you didn’t not die for me so i can do what i want and i don’t have to answer to you. People are falling away and believing all kinds of false doctrines.

  7. Brooks says:

    Tonex was at Dorinda Clark Cole’s Singers & Musician Conference a few weeks ago performing. He also was at Karen Clark Sheards live album recording a few days ago in Chicago. http://instagram.com/anthonyclarkwilliams

  8. nan says:

    money, money, money. it’s all about money. people are accepting all kinds of false doctrines these days and they just say, “DON’T JUDGE ME.”

  9. nan says:

    Some people in the church are saying that we are too religious because we refuse to bow down and partake of this wickedness and all this interfaith stuff going on.

  10. dmr719 says:

    We’ll at least tonex hangin out wit the Clark sisters now n not Yvette Flunder…it’s a start!

    • Tim says:

      DMR, not necessarily. For him to be there is one thing. For him to be performing or “ministering” is a whole other thing altogether. If they’re knowingly featuring him while he claims a gay lifestyle, that means they’re no better company than Yvette Flunder. He needs someone to steer him back into the fear of the Lord.

      • gcmwatch says:

        Right, he hasnt renounced, changed, retracted or any such thing since “hanging out” with the Clark sisters. All he’s done is get another platform to “dance” shout, sing religious music and speak in fake tongues, just like they do. How very impressive.

  11. gr8grammy says:

    I really don’t get it. The BIBLE says be ye HOLY for I am HOLY. What fellowship hath darkness with light. Come OUT from amount them and be ye separate. People say GOD is Love, oh yes HE is. But, do people read the whole BIBLE. There are something’s that should NOT be named among us as saints. Oh I forgot there are saints and aints. None the less the BIBLE also says that he’ll hath enlarged herself. That means in plain English a lot of people are going to hell and I am NOT one of them. Read Leviticus 18 & 19th chap about how man should not lay with mankind. As well as Romans 1st chap. about unnatural affection. JESUS is soon to come people that demon is fooling the very elect.

  12. Johannes Hansard says:

    I am disgusted and outraged by this whole charade; as a black man who has struggled with this lifestyle more than half my life. To get to a place of surrendering totally to the word of God, and to see these spectacles make mockery of Gods Unconditional love is heresy, and an indictment against the cross of Christ. We are in the last days, and Jesus warned us of such. Pray against this madness. The church has not fulfilled it’s mandate. Pointing the finger will not usher in the kingdom; rebuking and binding with the WORD of GOD not our opinions and reactions. For the kingdom of heaven has suffered force and violence and must be taken back by force and violence; but in the spirit. We fight not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and rulers of darkness in high places. Clothe yourselves in the righteousness of Christ by whom we are seated in heavenly places. If this is so then we can command with authority that these activities cease.

    • gcmwatch says:

      Thanks very much. We need to stir up our righteous anger at those who intentionally make mockery of God’s grace. Especially those of us who know this lifestyle is a sick and deadly existence being packaged as if its a candy bar.

  13. sherita fleming says:

    I’m with this 100%..God continue to bless as we began to discern truth..

  14. Melissa says:

    I have to agree with this posting and the comments. Based on the video, I don’t see anything that reveals a homosexual encounter between Tonex and Tye Tribbett. If anything, I see them in the middle if a major praise where we, as Christians, lose all the formalities and just scream and praise God how we want to. I think what is happening is that sometimes, because we are of the flesh and live in this world, we often look for signs of sin even when it’s not there. All things we see are not tabloid topics and we can’t believe everything we hear…or read for that matter.

    • gcmwatch says:

      Melissa, your comment is very confusing because the writeup said nor implied a “homosexual encounter between Tonex and Tye Tribbett”. Are you sure you are posting on the right blog??

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