Prominent gay journalist debunks Matthew Shepherd “hate crime” narrative

StephenJiminezA lie will eventually run out of steam and the truth will expose it as a lie. But when lying and deception  is the substance of the matrix a group constructs for itself, the truth hardly matters. A new book by Stephen Jimenez is unraveling the official hate crimes narrative used as a basis to pass so many unnecessarily punitive laws against innocent Americans.

Now, this gutter-level falsehood wasn’t uncovered by some white conservative with a homophobic itch to scratch, but by someone who’s arguably a card carrying member of the gay movement. Consequently Jimenez’s book has been met with a tsunami of venomous condemnation by the erstwhile tolerant gay community.

So, the truth is surfacing, but don’t think for a minute that homosexuals who have so much invested in this lie, will accept the truth. Its just more proof of how homosexuals can yell fire and the gay obsessed media will quickly spread it, even if it is an unsubstantiated lie.

Its also been proven false that homosexuality isn’t genetic or inherited, but they still act and talk as if it were the 11th commandment.

It was a farce arrest that led to the revocation of sodomy laws via the Lawrence v Texas case, but who cares if its black gay “hero” was discarded and died a pauper?

18th century English playwright Susanna Centlivre said: “Lying is a thriving vocation.”  Matthew Shepherd is dead and Tyron Garner is dead but the gay community is just fine because the resulting narratives were about an agenda, not equality or justice for the two people. Maybe the Human Rights Campaign should adopt a slogan which says “dead gays are the best gays”.  Homosexual activists have cashed in on windfall of benefits, government issued AIDS cash and social upheaval from the deaths of Shepherd and Garner.

Michael Cook wrote on his blog  Mercatornet, “This week it became obvious that America’s sexual revolution has been built on lies.”  Indeed, the entire homosexual rights agenda —unlike the civil rights movement— is built on a mountain of convenient lies.

Stephen Jimenez is an award-winning journalist, writer and producer. He is a 2012 Norman Mailer Nonfiction Fellow and has written and produced programs for ABC News 20/20, Dan Rather Reports, Nova, Fox, Court TV and others. His accolades include the Writers Guild of America Award, the Mongerson Award for Investigative Reporting (Northwestern University Medill School of Journalism), an Emmy, and several fellowships at the Ucross Foundation in Wyoming. A graduate of Georgetown University, he has taught screenwriting at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts and other colleges.

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6 Responses to Prominent gay journalist debunks Matthew Shepherd “hate crime” narrative

  1. Michael says:

    Proverbs 18:13 – “He who answers a matter before he hears it, It is folly and shame to him.”

    How are you able to make assertions as to the validity of this book, when it hasn’t even been released yet? Were you given an advance copy that you have already read? Otherwise, this post seems to be motivated by politics rather than truth, and according to Proverbs, is foolish.

    As believers, we must be careful not to get sucked into the world’s methods just because we believe the truth is being attacked. Truth will stand, don’t worry about that.

  2. gcmwatch says:

    Michael, good bible verse but it doesnt apply. We have heard the matter. Without reading the book, there is already sufficient EVIDENCE proving the official media narrative about Matthew Shepherd was false. GCMW posted this 2 weeks before even knowing this book existed. So it is just more proof, based on the author’s pre-released synopsis of the book he wrote.

  3. Philemon Graham says:

    The circumstances detailed in the book are irrelevant
    His murder was cruel, brutal and premeditated and the killers are where they need to be
    If drugs were involved so what? If they attacked him for reasons other than robbery and the fact he was gay, what difference does it make?

    Christians by trying to score political points using this book are once again on the very wrong side of the issue . Does the “thou shalt not murder” command not take precedence here? The Christian response that the details of the new book somehow mitigate the wickedness of the deed is offensive and outrageous and guaranteed to increase anti Christian feelings.

    • gcmwatch says:

      Philemon, so the book is irrelvant? What a convenient tool to dismiss one of your own with no political or religious agenda other than to expose the truth. Doesnt truth matter to you or are you like the millions of other homosexuals who would take a bullet for the team as long as your lies are protected? Homosexuals benefitted financially from Matthew Shepherd’s death because you claimed he was killed simply because he was gay. That brought lots of money into your coffers and still does.You claim you needed “special protection” aka “hate crimes laws” because of a lie. You persecuted Christian organizations because of a lie. And you are still propping your whole argument on a lie. Admit it, your lie has been exposed.

      • L. Davis says:

        This strategy employed is much akin to the abortion/feminist movement. ROE v. WADE was also based upon a lie (that she was raped, and no rape victim should have to deal with the violence done against her by bearing her rapist’s offspring); decades later Roe confessed that she was not a victim of raped, but she had indeed lied to bring about the social agenda at hand, the acceptance of murdering the unborn via the law. Satan always uses the law of man to subvert God’s laws, and then he blames the Christians who stand with God. Millions of murdered babies later, the coffers of the abortion supporters runneth over. No lie will stand forever, unlike the truth. However, the damage is done. The truth matters, because the lie is still hurting innocents who don’t hate gays, yet are being penalized, found intolerable by gays and their supporters, because they believe what their Lord and Savior has commanded, “in the beginning God created male and female…” We as Christians have to decide if we will act as Daniel who refused to bow to the edicts of Kingdom of Babylon, or if we will be as Judas or Easau.

  4. Tim says:

    I think the point is to show that this young man’s death had nothing to do with the issues that were placed in the spotlight afterwards. If it were not about homosexuality, why use it to revoke sodomy laws or things of that nature? I don’t believe the author is trying to make the young man’s murder out to be insignificant at all; but to challenge the outrage and media coverage designed to make this about the homosexual community and laws pertaining to that community or acts committed in that community.
    If it had nothing to do with any of these things, then there is no parallel and thus no reason to bring it up in this context. With that in mind, may God comfort his family and have mercy on his killers.

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