Odd Couple: COGIC convocation speaker married to father of lesbian bishop

Via Facebook

Via Facebook

In the postmodernist scheme of thinking, people are free to marry whom they will, but doesn’t the bible warn Christians about being “unequally yoked”?

COGIC’s 2013 convocation agenda is out and its peppered with morally questionable COGIC leaders. Which, by the way,  happens every year.  The 2013 speaker lineup includes Pastor Maria Gardner, a well known personality in COGIC circles.

Gardner divorced Deacon Burnett Thomas   and in 2012 the former “Elect Lady” of COGIC’s Evangelism Department married progay apostate Bishop James Langston the nonbiological father of lesbian bishop Yvette Flunder. Langston’s COGIC connections include being brother in law to W.W. Hamilton a former member of the church’s highest governing body, the General Board.  But Langston isn’t just a passive bystander to his daughter’s heinous teachings and lifestyle. According to the Flunder’s organizational website, Langston is part of the gay denomination’s “family”.

Flunder’s mother Ruth, accepted the homosexual lie and begin working in the Fellowship until she died in 2007. Ruth Langston’s funeral was a snapshot of the uncomfortable intersection of COGIC and its homosexual offspring.  The question is does Gardner also accept the homosexual lie that her new husband espouses?

Despite Gardner’s former years of preaching glory, her life has become littered with sex, divorce and remarriage scandals. It will be interesting to hear what she will “preach” to the COGIC faithful.

Its not clear who chooses speakers for COGIC’s high and holy gatherings, but more and more the speaker lineups are emanating the stench of false teachers.  Tragically, like postmodernist influence on culture,  the wheels of the organization have been turning slight degrees away from the truth of holiness.




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14 Responses to Odd Couple: COGIC convocation speaker married to father of lesbian bishop

  1. Rob says:

    I am just laughing at the first two words in your title, “ODD COUPLE”. A LOT of what goes on in this the largest pentacostal organization is a joke.

    THIS IS AN “ODD COUPLE” as you so appropriately describe. I am laughingly stunned by some turn of events of this story.

    I’m quite sure Ms. Gardner will hoop up a stir to get the saints shouting and dancing up a gig. These holiness folks behave like they don’t have a clue of what sin is anymore. They have turned a blind eye to inclusion altogether.

    This is sad, but I got a big kick out of this one.

  2. Devon says:

    God’s word will judge us all irrespective of the prominent positions we hold in desecrated religious establishments. I thought the purpose of church was to learn how to become like Christ, not to win popularity contests and raise money. We know that the spirit of whoredoms can’t rebuke the spirit of sodomy or any other demon for that matter. The kingdom of Satan is not divided against itself. I hope the fire of holiness begins to burn mightily within the hearts of clergy everywhere and consume the lusts of the flesh before Jesus returns.

  3. joe says:

    Its shocking how some of these powerhouse preachers are preaching the walls of Jericho down, yet out of the pulpit they are living scandalous and questionable lives. Whats more sad is that its coming from some of our top church leaders.

  4. LaPreghiera says:

    Actually Joe, the preaching ain’t really been about nothing lately either,at least the message – they still hollaring. Its all “yall don’t like me, but… I ain’t gonna get no Amens … Tell your haters… Look at me now…” That’s what I am expecting that night, and maybe one of her grand daughters to sang and dance all over the place, if they still in church. Experienced it firsthand. Showtime.

  5. Patricia Noble says:

    John 3:16 Is this a lie,too. Bible states “whosoever”
    is this a lie or can homosexual people be listed as whosoever? Can you say they do not believe? Jesus said that some were born, some were made by others and some chose…. Are you so sure that heaven will have no part of these people? Will you be there to see?

  6. gcmwatch says:

    Patricia Noble, whosoever is simply a universal invitation. Whosoever will LET HIM COME. Its an invitation. But dont think that an invitation means relationship. Jesus invites ALL SINNERS to come without any effort to change what they are BEFORE they come to him. If you accept his invitation to come to him (as you are i.e. homosexual) then you also must accept his Lordship which says “if you love me you will obey me”. So the homosexual can and should come, and after he comes, he should repent like everyone else so that he may inherit eternal life.
    Thats the problem with “inclusion” ideology. It sells people a ticket to a general event while leading them to believe that will also get thim into the VIP party afterwards. Whosoever gets you TO the door, repentance by faith unlocks it and lets you in.
    And we are told in 1 Cor 6 that the UNRIGHTEOUS shall not inherit the kingdom of God. Its pretty clear that all who neglect to repent of their sins will have no part in God’s kingdom. And sin is defined by God, not Yvette Flunder or Carlton Pearson.

  7. Mark Stevens says:

    Homosexuality has been in COGIC as long as I can recall…just look at 1/2 of the choir directors! The faux Holiness of many Pentecostal churches is based on the OUTWARD appearance and how LOUD we can scream and sweat up our nice clothes. There is just as much fornication in COGIC as in the non-holiness churches (maybe more)…and YES I am a COGIC ELder.

    Mark H. Stevens, ThD

  8. It is very shocking to those persons from the outside looking in; concerning the events that are unfolding within the Pentecostal Holiness Church.

    But to those of us who have been raised within the confines of the COGIC, these developments are the culmination of decades of greed, total control of the huddled masses and turning a deaf ear to the truth.

    There will be a deep split within the COGIC. It has happened in other denominations, and the conditions are ripe enough for it to happen with this one.

    “Righteousness exalts a nation… but sin is a reproach to any people.” ~The Holy Book

  9. Sandi mcmillion says:

    I am a living witness, that if you ask him from your heart, he’ll do it! I was a lesbian for30+ years, I was redeemed on thanksgiving night, in a bathroom at a gay club, while I fought 7 people, in the men’s bathroom, I knew I was going to die, because while I prepared myself to go to the club, I heard a voice say “you are going to die today”. I was a visitor at yevette flinders church and as a was searching for God, I attended there, and that is when I started seeking God and my heart was breaking and I tried to get what I thought I need at the City of Refuge, in San Francisco California, I stopped attending and not long afterwards, The Lord pulled meout the fire, I can say, as an individual, in a serious spiritual struggle, He is the only way out, he wants the broken, the backslider, the ones who decided that God doesn’t know your name, he does, the church does not do enough to include homosexuals, we all as Christians, need to embrace and sup
    extend support to those who are in spiritual darkness, just like the traditional Christian church there is false ones there and performing sinful acts, as we all fall short, he’ll make a way out, but we are not doing what he commanded us to do, for ourselves nor others, I have been excluded by both traditional black churches and false temples, so I had to meet God where he proposed and that was in a bathroom in a gay club, I have been walking The Lord for 7 years, although difficult at times, I have to press in and press on, I spread the word where I know that the people are broken, I am able to tell the homosexual the word and the good news, I have preached to drug dealers, molesters, prostitutes, drug addicts murderers and many more that are broken, like I was. I know what it takes to be on that side.and how it feels, here, with The Lord, I am currently searching for the real estate to open the doors the a temple for the broken to come as they are and God will work everything else out, I know that he is, the Great I Am. Stigallmcm@icloud.com.

    • gcmwatch says:

      Sandi, thanks for sharing that beautiful story. Ive always believed there in NO PLACE you can go that God will not find you there and bring heaven into that place to rescue you. Remember Jesus went into the graveyard and delivered Lazarus? He does not care what filth you have fallen into, he will rescue you from it. Im a witness too! Send me an email would love to talk to you more.

    • Dee says:

      Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much for your testimony. It bothers me that saints can believe God can deliver from everything else, but when it comes to homosexuality and lesbian issues, we stop believing. Keep reaching, keep pressing, keep loving, keep sharing. God bless and KEEP you.

  10. L. Davis says:

    While reading this article, the Holy Spirit dropped this scripture into my heart:

    “…I have a few things against thee, because thou sufferest that woman Jezebel, which calleth herself a prophetess, to teach and seduce my servants to comitt fornication, and to eat things sacrificed to idols” (Rev. 2:20). JEZEBEL was a maniacal, murderous, forger, but worse than all of this she worshiped Baal and loved it, and taught Israel to sin against God, starting with the leadership, Ahab her husband.

    God said he is going to cast her and those that commit adultery with her into great tribulation if they do not repent in verse 23. When we align ourselves with those who teach God’s people to stray from Him in worshiping other gods (Baphomet, the goat deity which is both male and female in one body) then God will visit for this, and not as a man.

    They forge God’s names on their sermons, but he has 7000 (real worshipers) who have not bowed their knees to Baal nor pursed their lips to kiss him. There is no such thing as a gay Bishop, because God said let a Bidhop be the husband of ONE wife. I could go on, but enough said, except to say, “Behold I come quickly….he that is holy let him be holy still”.

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