From Jamaica, with love and freedom

There’s nothing like the testimony of someone who has witnessed and experienced something for themselves. Watch and listen to Chadwick Nelson’s story of pain and darkness contrasted against love and victory. From Jamaica, with love to all those who find it hard to believe that God can do what man says is impossible.

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One Response to From Jamaica, with love and freedom

  1. Daniel Thomas says:

    Hey guys,

    Daniel here from Jamaica. Just discovered this website. I am a friend of Chadwick Nelson, whose video you shared recently.

    I lead a Christian Youth Organization for Sexual Purity called the Love March Movement. We are dedicated to standing for sexual purity in defending the nation from homosexuality and other anti-family attacks and also restoring what has already been lost concerning the family structure. We present at many churches and schools about things around these topics, porn, masturbation, fornication, homosexuality and worldviews. You can check out our facebook page.

    Just wanted to let you know of our existence and that your existence is an encouragement! We are in this fight together.

    We are a youth army God is raising up to defend this nation and stand against the tide of darkness especially in the area of sexual immorality.

    Blessings! Keep up the good work!


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