100 EXhomosexual video testimonies

Men and women representing a wide array of cultures and races tell about their freedom from homosexuality, bisexuality, transgenderism and lesbianism.


http://youtu.be/bGjsLgmGBM0 – Jennifer Jacobs
http://youtu.be/IgDhjV-lBYc – Pastor Roger Ford
http://youtu.be/jz-G2xK09Io – Veronica Deliz Antes
http://youtu.be/ivWjGaAowzM – Chris Delaney
http://youtu.be/13NuzVOVSKAGiuseppe Povio
http://youtu.be/m_no6doh4MU – David Bryant
http://youtu.be/vklwWh_OkC0 – Costina Shepherd
http://youtu.be/e19U_TUEAzI – Shanahn Smith
http://youtu.be/PtF8iOuzSeo – Steve Martin
http://youtu.be/Ipju6yYOrs0 – Dennis Jernigan
http://youtu.be/MBCoe9F1y7c – Cleo Bias
http://youtu.be/dsHiq3q7hjc – D Ray Elder
http://youtu.be/JgJYT83BsAY – Anthony Figueroa
http://youtu.be/Q8-jAHMTqSY – Hernando Rodriguez
http://youtu.be/gArt_4EYf94 – Damirrea Martin
http://youtu.be/Y0J8F0J6sZA – Jahmarra Whitfield
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OGS6aNVtNT  – Joanne Perry
http://youtu.be/bozvwvlyPBE – Jayson Graves
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J0_Hifqvl14 – Pastor Josh Lee
http://youtu.be/3bDy77rDtU8 – James Wimbush
http://youtu.be/E_A8hcKS3BI – Christopher Sims
http://youtu.be/3yBvEggIhp0 – Pastor Linda Jernigan
http://youtu.be/lDHyeoBiVak – Arial Santos
http://youtu.be/bv1ZK6a3ITk – Daniel Delgado
http://youtu.be/aqdQ6_MAH2A – David
http://youtu.be/EXOmRpr7wMc – Nicole
http://youtu.be/zy9wbfm_iH8 – Miriam Alexander
http://youtu.be/Z71XkZ22QBE – David Arthur
http://youtu.be/BELTXyqwOMU  - Remnant Williams
http://youtu.be/zy9wbfm_iH8 – Cindy Hinsch
http://youtu.be/kQ_YI6INTQU – Rosaria Butterfield
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l0PHkrjSuns – Edwin Ramos
http://youtu.be/tv8VG6PoyJs – Raleigh Mayberry, Jr.
http://youtu.be/kd2YeuYRm5A – Damian Rodriguez
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ngqPgS5wcBQ – Mark Servillano, Jr
http://vimeo.com/67968435 – Kegan Wesley
http://youtu.be/koVf-Q9yFRA – Dean Bailey
http://youtu.be/xRVhtI-OgUQ – Alex
http://youtu.be/Osjb1ox0Rnw – Michelle Smith
http://vimeo.com/64570799 – Brenna Simonds
http://youtu.be/CQemhP2_hv0 – Octavia Moore
http://youtu.be/CytB_0Mnj0Y – Chadwick Nelson
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wx6x8lrtxDc – Venus Burton
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0SRJSBzs1qc – Ty Wyss
http://www.cbn.com/tv/2628881436001 – Debra Gauthier
http://youtu.be/Wka2434b-l8 – Danny Wallace
http://youtu.be/KoPPBej_dlw – Daisy Copelin
http://youtu.be/6V2vuF-VkRU – Danny Price
http://youtu.be/d-dXLwS1NCM – Pastor Isreal Simas
http://youtu.be/rLFAiTlGahE – Asia Thomas
http://youtu.be/bWz-kiHSzss – Tony Spears
http://youtu.be/BGi7Twkz4HQ – Lanna Holder
http://youtu.be/m7oeWvF_hj0 – Jackie Hill
http://youtu.be/HCXtZJ0H2OA – James Hartline
http://youtu.be/94Wo2Rjnhw4 – Camille Lenior
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0TVweN4EtQ - Darrell Roberts
http://youtu.be/plnW63J7c_4 – Byron Johnson
http://youtu.be/rt85-FE9ViM - Nathanael Flock
http://youtu.be/uTcW8BHIzaM – Charlene Cothran
http://youtu.be/GClS2tZibuo – J. Elijah
http://youtu.be/cHN0kpNSb5w – Pastor Paulinho De Jesus
http://youtu.be/4Vit0OsnyMY – Brooke Donnelly
http://youtu.be/UOraQnJImEg – Christopher Yuan
http://youtu.be/y2BbHcyKZS0 – Diane Freed
http://youtu.be/3aLf_Dree10 – Kiwi Dennis
http://youtu.be/Vy65tNr5FlQ – Jackie Hill (2)
http://youtu.be/m51iLNMcYGk – Minister Joshua Anderson
http://youtu.be/lq6pea_R6_E – Pastor Jim Domen
http://youtu.be/7wObkgok76M – Janet Boynes
http://youtu.be/Nj0XPydqsL8 – Vicky Duffy
http://youtu.be/kdFWDUW8fWo – Pastor Deiman Ariza
http://youtu.be/MBDGzWrudpU – Hector Gustavo Hno de Victor Manuelle
http://youtu.be/YHLHFhKurb4 – Pastor Carl Wright
http://youtu.be/4qFndrVwxqs – MichaelAngelo Gutierrez
http://youtu.be/tuS9WoiZJ_E – Rhetoric
http://youtu.be/LZiwf-bzYYI – Trace McNutt
http://youtu.be/omghIWf3yBM – Larry Rosalez-Lewis
http://youtu.be/Kc6ahJFE1_c – Randy Johnson
http://youtu.be/XF1ZbOMjg34 – Davon Johnson
http://youtu.be/gllqYDNII58 – Carlos
http://youtu.be/mInH0Ev5Ldo – Pastor DL Foster
http://youtu.be/GUjwgvF5yHY – Alberto
http://youtu.be/AAx3fDqwcxg – Jesus Carbonell
http://youtu.be/yvglt0ob6yI – Julie Lyons
http://youtu.be/Q8-jAHMTqSY – Arnaldo Rodriguez
http://youtu.be/zqaAzhrbRQ0 - Charlene Hios
http://youtu.be/AQpcBZRNktU - Monica Brown
http://youtu.be/1use9auy3wY – Wendell Bryant
http://youtu.be/aivnRkHgTfc – Bryn
http://youtu.be/-Wg3EfTW0RU- Linda Carter
http://youtu.be/aT3khRd9BD4 – Pastor Jodie Miranda
http://youtu.be/u3JkFQ3M86s - Jerome Young
http://youtu.be/6kX8BYrfw7s – Debbie
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHFy-fkRdjc&feature=share – Robert Reschar
http://youtu.be/7sTNVcRpixI – Adam Hood
http://youtu.be/3yBvEggIhp0 – Pamela Ousley
http://youtu.be/j2hlCmS8Y_E – Ron Smith
http://youtu.be/FvX7Naz5wTE – Pastor Edmund Smith
http://youtu.be/bozvwvlyPBE – Annie
http://youtu.be/Y0J8F0J6sZAI – Martin Munoz
http://youtu.be/5ScuXjaMJ0s – Tashia A.
http://youtu.be/CpfJBPcZa8U – Marjorie Ellison

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10 Responses to 100 EXhomosexual video testimonies

  1. [...] 60 ex-homosexual video testimonies — Wait, that can’t be right — those people don’t exist!  Seriously, there is hope, and if you really love people you won’t encourage them to stay in a lifestyle that is physically, emotionally and spiritually destructive.  It isn’t love when you value your popularity over the well-being of others. [...]

  2. Frank Miller says:

    I support the rights of ex-homosexuals, and my question is by your best estimates in numbers GCMWATCH, how many former homosexuals are in the USA alone and also the rest of the world?

  3. Anthony Miskulin says:

    Dear Blessed Brother & Sisters in the Lord, Christ has lead it on my Heart to leave my former life so I through the all knowing Power In Christ Jesus to minster and start a Movement beyond which we have never know. A Global Movement to re capture the Hearts of God’s Lost Children. Lost to The LGBT Community Lost to Pornography Lost in the sence that they have turned their backs

  4. jysuper says:

    Thank God for all of the testimonies especially Bro. Jerome Young. His testimony is similar to mine.

    • gcmwatch says:

      Amen jysuper. This is an incredible tapestry of human witness to the power of God’s radical grace. But wait! There’s more! We’ll be adding an additional 20 testimonies next week!

  5. Jim Cunningham says:

    I have not watched any testimonies, but am curious how many homosexuals admit that sex crimes committed against them, rather than the claim they’re “born that way”, is what led them to the previous lifestyle.
    Thank you.

  6. gcmwatch says:

    Do you mean EXhomosexuals or homosexuals? The former generally will freely admit it while the latter will not. Listen to the videos and you will hear that when it is part of the person’s life experience.

  7. Luciano Rubio says:

    I’m not Homosexual!

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