Man arrested for knowingly exposing over 30 men to HIV identified as a “gay christian”

Police and a university community outside St. Louis are reeling after the discovery that a male student could have infected over 30 other men after having sex with them in his dorm room. The man, known as Tiger Mandingo on numerous social media sites, used “work out” videos to attract other homosexuals.

The man posted on his facebook page  “I have now accepted the fact that I am a Gay Christian”. Gay christian theology teaches that homosexuality is accepted by God. It led this man to deceive and seduce others into deadly sexual practices that have left many stunned. This man’s beliefs are a sad example of what false religious teachings lead to.

TMProsecutors told News 4 they now know more than 30 people could have gotten HIV from a former student at Lindenwood University who allegedly knew he had the deadly disease. He is accused of knowingly giving it to others.
In October, Michael Johnson, 22, was charged with exposing sexual partners to HIV. Police later discovered multiple videos of Johnson having unprotected sex.
They believe those partners were unaware Johnson was HIV positive and that they were being videotaped.
The startling details were revealed after hidden camera sex tapes were uncovered, according to prosecutors.
“On that laptop were 32 videos engaged in sexual acts with Mr. Johnson,” said Tim Lohmar, St. Charles County prosecutor.
Lohmar said Johnson can be seen with 31 unidentified people in videos taken over four months. Most of the videos were shot on the campus of Lindenwood University in St. Charles. Johnson has already been charged with five counts of knowingly transmitting the disease.
“It’s safe to safe that numerous of those videos were taken inside his dorm room; we know that because we recognize the furniture,”
Lohmar said most of victims not only likely had no idea they were being video-taped; they were clueless that Johnson had HIV. That’s why Lohmar wants any potential victims to come forward immediately. It’s a matter not only of their individual safety but public safety as well.
Lindenwood University school officials tell News 4 they will assist law enforcement with identifying victims. They say they had no idea the videos existed until just a few days ago. “I think it’s really scary, thinking someone like that is on campus, not thinking about others,” said Student Jenny Counts.
Students are shaken up by this latest news, but glad that Johnson is still behind bars for now. [source]

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3 Responses to Man arrested for knowingly exposing over 30 men to HIV identified as a “gay christian”

  1. Jeff says:

    So are you saying that if one is Christian and is gay they are deceived and it leads them to deceiving others into sexual relationships? This has nothing to do with his Christian beliefs but more to do with his addictive behavior that chose not to deal with and address. And my bet is that there is some real anger issues here that he is unwilling to address. As well as anger towards God about what he caught and he transfers that to others. Indeed this is sad and I hope they discover these other men so they can get tested. And if you are going to be sexual with another then you better be wise, ask questions, not jump the gun and be safe!

    • gcmwatch says:

      Exactly. His religious deception is the source of all his instability.

      A double minded man is unstable in ALL HIS WAYS James 1:8

  2. Ina says:

    Another textbook example of a mentally unstable, self-absorbed, selfish gay man who is unwilling to seriously deal with personality defects and spiritual sickness.

    Gay men (and all of us really) need to learn to love the Lord with all our hearts, minds and souls. Then, we can try, with earnest, to love our fellows and ourselves.

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