Creating a safe place for change and transformation

Yesterday, we posted an apologetic video in which a NC minister dismantled numerous arguments used by the homosexual affirmation movement. This video is different. It isnt a defense of the faith against error from intentional enemies and concepts. In this one, a pastor from California, lays out an incredible plan to help people who struggle with same sex attractions and behavior get free and stay free. Pastor Michael Kelly cites the latest science, tried and true scripture, compassion and raw truth leading to a climatic call to come to Christ and be free. Along the way, he manages to speak to the church at large and all who have a struggle with the struggle. Watch and listen to this message entitled “Complexity of Explanations”. Pastor Kelly deals with the subject of same sex relationships and unhealthy opposite sex relationships and how the church can become a safe place for life change. This is about welcoming change and affirming redemption.

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3 Responses to Creating a safe place for change and transformation

  1. Robin shipman says:

    This was great he hit it on the nose awesome!!!!

  2. Deb says:

    this is great. I wish more preachers have similar sermons. Maybe people struggling with homosexual attractions wouldn’t run to the world or perverted theology for comfort and teaching.

  3. Ladre says:

    GREAT VIDEO!! Ive always asked God for clarity on this salvation journey. I love what Pastor Michael Kelly has said. It surprises me that the “sin movements” have been energized by the divine energy of the Christian posterity that has run FAR FAR away from the Church because of its hypocritical contradictions and arrogant pretentiousness that one sin is different from the other and pretending that once you are saved, all sin (in any form) disappears. If only this was the rule of preaching and not the exception…

    Thanks DL Foster for the awareness of this great man of God’s message.

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