Alvin McEwen and the gay pedophilia video

Every once and a while a member of the homosexual community will break free from the debilitating group think mentality and just tell the truth about what’s behind the rainbow curtain. Walter Lee Hampton II of Atlanta did just that  on Feb 8th when he posted a rather candid video warning about homosexual men sexually pursuing underage boys.  Hampton said  based on he’s seen and heard, he would never allow his teenage sons around other homosexual males.

“Based upon my life experiences ..if I had Teenage sons I would NOT allow them around GAY MEN!..because over the years I have seen many GAY MEN pursue TEENAGE BOYS (ages 14-17) for SEX. and I have seen this VERY OFTEN.”

Hampton was responding to a disturbing story out of Florida about a homosexual man who infected a 14 year old boy, then bragged about it on Facebook.  Hampton’s comments really help to reveal why so many males ages 13-17 are contracting HIV/AIDS.  Hampton’s video is pretty straightforward and unpretentious. He just tells the truth as he’s seen it.  In the video he says he has seen adult gay males pursue young boys “a thousand times”.  What’s more Hampton says his gay partner who is a public school teacher has seen “the same thing.” But don’t take Hampton’s word as proof. In November 2013, a young African American boy in Connecticut was arrested after he stabbed a 27 year old gay man to death. The boy said the man pursued him with drugs and booze for sex and when the boy wanted to break it off the man threatened to harm him. Read the story here and here.

The statistics about adolescents contracting HIV do not lie.  GCM Watch has raised this issue several times before before here and here. Additionally, I uncovered a shocking attempt by a gay youth organization in Richmond, VA to pair young boys up with adult gay males in clubs to “teach” them about so called safe sex.

In the U.S., it is estimated that two young people (age 13-25) are infected with HIV each hour.”– Youth Report 2000, White House Office of National AIDS Policy.

“More than five young people worldwide contract HIV every minute — that’s 7,000 people each day, and more than 2.6 million each year. Half of all new HIV infections occur in young people ages 15-24, with one-third of all currently infected individuals in this age group.”– Advocates for Youth, March 15, 2001

“More than 300,000 people in the U.S. are living with AIDS, 4,300 of them are children or youth.”– CDC Report, 2001

So how are all these youth getting infected so early? Are other youth infecting them? That doesn’t seem plausible. Mislabled “gay teens” are like baby chicks among a throng of foxes. They are largely unprotected from the dangers of sexual manipulation of older homosexual males. While they claim to be protecting them from heterosexual homophobia, suicide and other social ills, the truth is that its just a tactic to herd them into the arms of infected sexual deviants.

Alvin McEwen to the rescue

Apparently, Hampton’s video was such an urgent threat to the puritannical public image of gay men, it causedalvin mcewen one gay activist to have an unhinged meltdown!  Something akin to how President Obama must have felt when Edward Snowden leaked NSA secrets. To Alvin McEwen (right) aka “the black tsunami”, Hampton is a gay traitor who leaked secret inside information. McEwen’s blog was chocked full of emotional huffing and puffing, but contained zero evidence to refute Hampton’s video. The man-boy sex (or even the possibility of it) didn’t seem to bother McEwen at all.

McEwen’s vicious attack on Hampton is puzzling considering McEwen’s home state of South Carolina is awash in HIV/AIDS infections among youth. In Columbia, where he lives, the city is #1 in the state and #9 nationally for HIV/AIDS infection rates. [source] Both SC and Columbia have small populations compared to other affected areas, thus the infection rate is stunning. But McEwen is only out to protect and defend the social virginity of his beloved gay male community.

abMcEwen was very upset  Hampton spilled the beans about the pederastic pursuits of some adult gay men. He even urged Hampton to  “most of all, do something about that fool Peter LaBarbera”  referring to AFTAH president, who blogged about the video.  Its not clear if McEwen was urging violence, but it certainly seems as if he wants some harm to come to Mr. LaBarbera.

Sad and tragic that instead of trying to help protect youth from homosexual predators, McEwen wants Hampton to keep gay dirty laundry on the downlow.  Its hurts their agenda he insisted.

The only ones who come out the losers are these young boys who have zero protection against what awaits them. Until the gay community at large is willing to be honest and accountable like Mr. Hampton, the infection numbers will continue to rise. The question is do they care more about their public image or the safety and sexual health of young boys they claim to be so concerned about?

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6 Responses to Alvin McEwen and the gay pedophilia video

  1. Jason says:

    Pederasty has always been part of homosexuality historically and there exists homosexual Pederast and pedophile activist groups while there has never existed heterosexual pedophile or pederasty political activist groups. Also most of the “gay” rights icons of the 21st century has advocated for it or have been involved in it one way or the other. Are there heterosexual child abusers pedophiles? Yes. But is there a heterosexual political movement for it? No. The homosexual activist community can’t argue the same.

  2. Josh D. says:

    Interesting that you take Alvin’s quote out of context. Just to put the whole quote out there:

    “Don’t start throwing shade at me, Walter simply you started something you can’t finish. I’m not twisting your words, I am simply responding to what you said. And I might point out that you make ugly generalizations about straight men too. Perhaps you should do a couple of things such as change the title of your video, temper your comments the next time you feel the need to preach, and most of all, do something about that fool Peter LaBarbera who used YOUR video and YOUR words to attack all gay men. You see that is the BIG problem. No matter how you attempt to temper what you said, no matter how many addendums and provisos you seek to attach, the fact of the matter is that you published a video which made nasty generalizations about gay men, a video which a twisted homophobe is now using to harm innocent people.”

    Taken in context it’s rather obvious that there was absolutely no incitement of violence.

    As to “refuting Hampton’s evidence” – what evidence? His anecdotes? Anecdotal evidence is considered weak in both reality and in debates. As someone who has been to numerous (I won’t say thousands because I don’t like exaggeration) LGBT parties I haven’t seen this phenomenon at all. So if we’re taking anecdotes as ‘evidence’, then consider Hampton’s claims refuted.

    Heck, Hampton even responds to the Youtube comments on his video and points out that he’s also been at numerous parties where heterseoxual men showed up with young girls. I’ve never been to one of those either. So perhaps rather than assume that Hampton’s anecdotes are somehow indicative of a pattern, we should instead assume that Hampton gets around to parties where a lot of questionable things happen.

    • gcmwatch says:

      Are you blind? The entire quote is there with Hampton’s response PLUS there’s a link to the blog. What else do you want? A flashing neon sign? McEwen has posted hostile and hateful information about LaBarbera numerous times. Its completely “within context” to assume he meant harm by the statement since he left it open to interpretation. Since when has he ever wished him well? So those two minor issues are your only concerns? Not concerned about the thousands of young men being infected by HIV from other older men?

  3. Jason says:

    Alvin writes “do something about LaBarbera” to Hampton. He doesn’t specific what, just “do something.” Also, Josh D is right, if you’re involved in homosexuality, you’re more than likely to hang out and party with all kinds of perverse people. Hampton’s video clearly expressed that pederasty is more common place with those involved in homosexuality.

    • gcmwatch says:

      Jason I guess he was trying to play some sort of “godfather” role. lol

      But on the serious, AMc has a clear pattern of inciting hate and hostility against people like Peter Labarbera. Unless he’s now wishing PL the best life ever, the comment certainly carries a tone of some type of threat.

      And even beyond that is his obsession in defending the gay male image. Despite the evidence, he is white-knuckling his assertion that homosexual adults do not go after underage boys.

  4. Tom says:

    Alvin gets quite emotional at times.

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