EX American Idol alum posts explosive facebook rebuke to racist white gays

Frenchie Davis, the ex American Idol contestant who now identifies as a lesbian, exploded on facebook in reaction to the silence of white gays on black race issues. Specifically, Davis was upset that whites are quick to co-opt black civil rights while remaining deaf and dumb on black race cases such as Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis and a few more she probably haven’t heard of Alfred Wright (TX) and Kendrick Johnson (GA).

white men“I need the gay community to STOP comparing our struggle to the Black Civil Rights Movement. You DON’T get to draw that comparison and then remain SILENT when the civil rights of Black teens are being violated. I mean, where the [...]  are y’all?!?! Yay! For Ellen Page coming out at an lgbt youth conference. I was there. I sang right after. But THAT should not have been our focus yesterday. How in the [...] are we having conferences to inspire our youth to live their truths and then have absolutely nothing to offer to THIS conversation???? Dear White Gays, I am HEARTBROKEN by your continued silence on these issues and I DO NOT give you permission to high jack the Civil Rights Movement while simultaneously IGNORING the inequalites [sic] that youth of color face every [...] day. It is culturally insensitive to do so and we are either fighting for EQUALITY for ALL or we aren’t. As an LGBT woman of color, I am having an extremely difficult time grasping WHY Matthew Shephard’s life is so much more valuable than Trayvon’s or Jordan’s????!?!?! Help me understand, y’all! Help me understand.”

She wasn’t the only one outraged. Read the comments.

GCM Watch has raised the issue of gay white racism before. Look here and here. And its no secret either.  White male homosexuals are generally just as racist and bigoted as some of their white male heterosexual counterparts.White male privilege (a favorite accusation of gays against the GOP) knows no “sexual orientation”. I know that from personal experience.  I don’t play race cards, but Frenchie is on to something.  That’s one of the main reasons cases like Martin, Johnson, Wright and Davis would never be a concern of theirs.  Black gays need a revolution of their own. White gays use the incessant drumbeat of “homophobia -marriage equality” (which in the end only benefits them) to whip blacks into a common enemy frenzy, but then are deaf and dumb of issues that concern black people in their own community.  That’s why Matthew Shepherd is enshrined as a white angel martyr and Jordan Davis is just another dead black kid to them. Maybe this is the real meaning of gay being the new black.

Epilogue: They’ll probably offer Frenchie Davis some cush pr job somewhere to hush her up so the show can go on and get back to business as usual.


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6 Responses to EX American Idol alum posts explosive facebook rebuke to racist white gays

  1. eMatters says:

    Kevin Dujan, the white gay who used to run the Hillbuzz blog, has written about white gay racism against blacks a few times. He knows the Chicago gay areas inside and out and isn’t afraid to call them on their racism and more.

    • gcmwatch says:

      thats good. Its a nasty vice they for the most part allow to go unchecked while they scream bloody murder about “homophobia”.

  2. Ina says:

    So true, I am surprised that Frenchie had that much insight to state the obvious. I have found that the architects of the LGBT movement (white men) want to roll back to the 1950s, just with gay rights included and definitely blacks excluded.

    And you are right about Frenchie, they will offer her a nice gig and all will be well.

    Unfortunately, the moral and mental corruption of their “sexual orientation” doesn’t allow for real truth and God’s light to shine through.

  3. Rob says:

    This whole movement is a joke.

    Thanks (once again) for exposing their lies, their phoniness, their hatred and mean spirit, their psychological state of confusion, their wicked behavior and their abomination.

    Thanks even more for how you always seem to provide loving kindness through God’s spirit to reach them with the only hope anyone of us has, and that is belief in the ONE AND ONLY SAVIOR and repentance from sin.

    The message of the gospel is crystal clear. Many however, choose to spit out the manna you attempt to feed them, and would rather eat and digest slop like pigs.

    What a shame!

  4. Great article. This will get their attention but only to silence more truth coming at the right winged elite LGBT leaders. The generational curse of colonialism, conquer, divide, and selfish childishness is a critical component of let me have my way while I step over all of you. This perverted aspect of the elite LGBT stinks to high heaven from the depths of their evil soul.

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