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gcmwlogoGCMW is very grateful for all our readers: the silent lurkers, the vocal opponents, the supportive commenters, the distant observers, all of you. And thanks for making this the #1 site for insightful commentary, news and biblical perspective on homosexuality and sexual expression. Homosexuality is the dominant issue of our times and season, affecting and impacting every area of our society including —most importantly— the church. The men of Issachar understood the times and knew what Isreal ought to do.  Although many things are changing rapidly in our culture and church, trust that God and his word remain steadfast. They are like a strong, solid rock in a howling windstorm. And as he has always done, God will not leave his people in the dark about his purposes and the purposes of our enemy satan. Its for this cause that we write to inform, educate, equip and empower you the faithful believer in these perilous times. If these articles are helpful and insightful to you, please click the Facebook share link at the top of the article or use the tweet button at the end of the article and help others to see a little bit more clearly. Ever faithful to our Master and His Misson, to our King and his Kingdom,

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5 Responses to Thanks for sharing!

  1. Darhl Davis says:

    i myself has been freed from a lifeof being a iam free from what i call the darkes place a woman can ever be.the church are not doing there job the lord spoke to all thats a followers of Christ to go out and tell the world about his redeeming blood for not just for some but all. and these false churches pop up and the devil uses them to let Gods people believe that its a life style that is okay. its not Jesus died for gays too what church needs to do is tell truth about what the bible has to say about being gay and do it with the love of Jesus. and these false churches are liars because they are telling gods people that this alright. so both sides better get it RIGHT because both churches are not telling the truth and in the end a lot of gods people will go to hell.thank the father for when he said that we will no longer be taught by our neighbors or our brothers and he him self will teach his people. PRAISE THE LORD if it was not for him i would still be in chains if ou to talk with me about what the blood of jesus can and has done call me at [...] and i will tell you all my story god bless you all and he set all gays free that want to be free like me.

    • gcmwatch says:

      thanks for that testimony Darhl! I agree with you 100%. I took out your number because this is not a good forum to publish it but I will give you a call. We love, support and affirm EXlesbians, homosexuals, bisexuals and transgenders here!

  2. Darhl Davis says:

    its a bad bad sprit that is taking over this old dark world. I pled with the churches to tell the truth and be a help to the kingdom of God even if it means that some leave the church and if that happens they are ready to walk in the light.

  3. Darhl Davis says:

    thank you so very much its time for us all to stand up for whats right and for the saving blood and what the lord gave up just for us to live i thank him so much he did not have to do whay he did and because of the blood of jesus we all can be set free .he has moved vveerything in my life that was keeping me from his grace and peace and i O him my life we all do now may he have mercy on us all.i cant wait to read all comments if you have been freede from ant thing let us say so and stand up for jesus and let the wrold know that on matter what it is he can and will free i know thank god the father for the blood of his son god bless.thanks

  4. Darhl Davis says:

    and about shirley c.we all come from some where and the same blood that set her free can set us all free so lieve her alone she is helping the lords kingdom to grow so we all can make it in we need her at this very time in this dark and ugly wrold mey god always bless her in all that she does thank you so very much SHRILEY IAM STILL ALIVE BECAUSE OF YOUR CALL.

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