Video: gay rights movement devoid of moral authenticity

Place the truth up against a lie and the contrasts are stark! This incredible video separates the facts from social mythology and demonstrates that the homosexual rights movement is built on a house of cards. Video produced by The Apologetics Group

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4 Responses to Video: gay rights movement devoid of moral authenticity

  1. Compelling video. It’s like sticking your finger in a crack to hold the water from coming out of the dam. Sooner or later, the crack enlarges, and it is just a matter of time before the water overwhelms them. Those that love to speak lies and make a lie seem like the truth inevitably are condemned. Keep the truth coming.

    • gcmwatch says:

      amen Pastor Fred! The homosexual rights movement is built on deep layered lies because the father of the lie has invested much into it. His plan of course is to use the cloak of deception and confusion to destroy many lives. But thank God for the truth. Even in the social realm, facts are distorted and evidence discarded for expediency sakes. But this video really brings it home and underscores why the homosexual HAS to lie. They have no moral grounds as did protagonists of the black civil rights movement. Now, thats not to say that just because your purpose is just and right, you are just and right. MLKJr is proof of that.

  2. Paul N says:

    This is brilliant. Talk about dismantling a lie, this vid does it to the utmost. Powerful stuff!!!

  3. LaPreghiera says:

    Amazing. What came to mind after viewing that was seeing the elderly who revisit the historical civil rights sites each year, that were there as kids, youths, whose parents, grandparents retell of what happened there and why it is important, and they pass on to their kids the significance… I wonder how many of the revelers during the Stonewall 25th were on the scene then when it happened in 1969, or will be in another 25 years, and not swallowed up by disease and self destruction caused by their lifestyle.

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