Notable Quotes: Pastor JD Greear

jdgreearResponding to the level of vitriol by progay supporters against profreedom Christian preachers, the Pastor JD Greear of Summit Church in said at the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Summit “Preaching against homosexuality is about as popular as preaching against slavery in South Carolina in the 1800s.”

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7 Responses to Notable Quotes: Pastor JD Greear

  1. Abolitionists get no play…

  2. gcmwatch says:

    Ha ha! yes! But we will stand on our watch and preach freedom no matter what.

    My response to the article in Charisma about his comment.

    His statement is absolutely, 100% correct!
    In fact, the slave analogy is probably one of the most accurate parallels you can make with homosexuality today.
    Abolitionists who wanted the slaves freed were hated by the slaveowners.
    Christian ministers who want homosexuals free (from sexual bondage) are hated by progays.

  3. Paul Mc says:

    Wow. Talk about missing a pervasive irony. SBC split from mainstream because of their support of slavery.

    Preaching against homosexuality is in pervasive in SBC and across the south today. SBC has a poor record about being on right side of history.

    • gcmwatch says:

      Being on the “right side of history” is irrelevant when youre on the wrong side of God. History will end when eternity begins. Preaching and upholding truth is whats important.

      And a person’s past does not stop them from walking in truth in the present. President Obama was against gay marriage, but you don’t seem to be holding that against him. So please chill on the hypocrisy.

  4. lee smith says:

    Who said no one hasn’t held it against Obama? How would you be able to assume what paul mc’s views on the Pres. are Gcmwatch? He was just pointing out the fallacy of Greer’s analogy. I wouldnt be surprised if some members ouf the SBC still supported slavery. Lol

    • gcmwatch says:

      Im saying it. And furthermore, you havent held your own WHITE GAY RACISTS accountable. Racism is rife among white gay males and yet where’s the outrage and public accountability from the HRC, Advocate, LOGO and all the other keepers of the gay flame? So to sum, have a seat until you have get your own mess under control.

  5. J.W. says:

    The parallel has a lot of weight. Slavery flourished in early America despite the fact that many parts of the world recognized it as immoral.

    Institutionalized acceptance of homosexuality in today’s America flourishes despite the fact that many parts of the world recognize it as immoral.

    We are hardly “progressing.” Just choosing to put different blinders on.

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