Nine fallen ‘exgay’ leaders seek spotlight with therapy ban alliance

This week  Time Magazine published an awfully lazy, undocumented, unsubstantiated,  patently biased article about nine former “exgay leaders” who are all now working for the gay establishment. The article is full of the type of generalized, cut and paste conjecture that liberals have become known for when addressing sexuality issues. Writer Maya Rhodan really ought to petition Time to scrub this article from their site and restore the sacred white space to its original purity, but I doubt that will happen. As a black woman Rhodan should know how deep racism and discrimination can run in this country and its sad that she would write this and neglect to do even basic homework. But I guess a paycheck is more important that truth, huh sistah?  At any rate, this really isn’t about the shoddy article, but about the people mentioned in it and their unchallenged claims.

Its said of the fallen nine that they all now vociferously oppose so called “conversion therapy” or whatever dubious name gay activists and their religious left allies have dubbed it.

The nine are all white men and women. Yvette Schneider, Brad Allen, Darlene Bogle, Michael Bussee, Catherine fallen nineChapman, Jeremy Marks, Bill Prickett, Tim Rymel, and John Smid.  Most have connections to the former Exodus organization which fell ingloriously into oblivion last year. Some have been “apologizing” mainly because gay activists force them to do so if they want to have positive blogs written about them.  They’ve now formed some type of reality show alliance to help ban therapy for sexual identity issues in all 50 states.

Thankfully, I was never  part of this inner workings of Exodus. Particularly after Alan Chambers rose to “power”, Exodus trended 99.8% white and he kept it that way so I didnt personally know any of these people. Its rather funny that none of them are apologizing for Exodus’ racist exclusion of blacks in leadership.  I have, over the course of the years seen them be seduced by the lie, fall, wallow and then relish themselves in it.  Its a predictable outcome. Believing a lie always ends the same for every person who embraces it.  These nine are no exception and certainly not worthy of any celebration because of their failures. They are to be sincerely pitied.

Some have really went to excesses not only just emerging from their Exodus/exgay experience with bitterness but to live an embittered life which seems to drive them to do and say whatever it takes to satisfy their new gay rights comrades.  Isn’t that just trading one enslaving brokenness for another?

  • Michael Bussee claims he was a “founder” of Exodus but the recorded facts prove he was little more than a volunteer who assisted in contacting people to come to the first meeting. But his bitterness and the insatiable desire for the homosexual movement to stamp out any “exgay” embers, made him an attractive manipulation tool. And his own failure to RESOLVE his sexual dysfunctions and discipline himself like EVERY believer is commanded to do in 1 Thessalonians 4:1-7 says that perhaps he only had a bystander type of religious experience which could not sustain him when temptations challenged him. I also wonder when Bussee will ever apologize for his racism while in Exodus?
  • The same can be said of John Smid. For years he followed company policy even though he knew (according to him) he was contributing to a lie but for some reason he held on and dutifully promised people they could be “straight”. It was only a matter of time before the insistent homosexuals beat down his door, dismantled his weak defenses, exploited his fragile self worth and convinced him that such beliefs are altogether impossible. Their solution? Trade your professional exgay shill status and for a professional gay shill status.  The rest is sad history.

I was familiar perhaps moreso with Yvette Cantu before she married. Though we never met, I noticed her more for some unexplained reason.  She always seemed to be confident, articulate and stable.  Her book Never Not Broken chronicles a family incident that led her down a bizarre path and into the dark world of soothsayers, mystic guides and mythological beliefs. How ironic that the blind guides she sought out to help her in her family tragedy led her into shipwreck.

Yvette Cantu Schneider descends into the abyss of her own psyche after her young daughter’s leukemia diagnosis. Desperate for relief from ceaseless panic, she sees a psychotherapist who introduces her to guided imagery meditation to heal trauma. Over the course of her daughter’s 28-month treatment, Cantu Schneider encounters in meditation, animals, goddesses and other guides who show her that it is the wounded feminine within her that pushed her to find meaning and acceptance in a rigid religious structure and to become a spokesperson for controversial socio-political causes. As Cantu Schneider struggles to heal from difficult events from her childhood, the abuses and hypocrisies of religious leaders, and the effects of her own denial of the feminine divine, she discovers her true self. In the end, she finds that life’s healing power is that we are all never not broken.”

That’s just plain creepy. The irony of it all begs an explanation. Schneider gets therapy to sort out her issues with the tragic illness of her child, but wants to deny another parent the right to seek out therapy for their child to sort out issues with sexual identity.


These fallen ex-leaders lost credibility because they couldnt maintain their own personal discipline as Christians. Thats the real story. Now they want to gays to grant them redemption by slicing at the hopes of other people who want help to live in peace. Their failures are just that. Their failures. It would be much more respectable to just admit you failed and then talk about your own failures without trying to slime others who haven’t failed.

Anne Paulk who heads the Restored Hope Network wrote:  “The nine individuals who came together to try to eliminate teens’ opportunity to find counseling for unwanted same-sex attractions, yet did not go through good professional Christian counseling are writing responses on our page. We have heard from 3 of them: Darlene Bogle, Tim Rymel and now John Smid. I knew Darlene at the end of her experience of leaving homosexuality and noticed an impending return back in California many years ago. Tim is a sweet guy who left homosexuality at the same ministry as I in California under the leadership of John Smid. Tim led worship for a number of events with the ministry. He married, had children and then returned to the gay life and a homosexual relationship. The history with John Smid is much more extensive. He married my roommate and was married a bit longer than I, divorcing his lovely wife last year for another man.  He also ran a ministry that was actually brought up on lawsuits related to harm. So perhaps he should not have been running interventions and family therapy when he himself was not clinically trained. Could he be desiring to ban whatever he was misusing?”

None of the nine ever substantiate their claims with any specific information.  None ever speak of an authentic personal experience with Jesus. Its as if they appeared out of nowhere and signed some exgay right to work contract. None of them ever cite where they actually engaged in the type of counseling they are seeking to restrict.   Eventually all of them will die and have to face God on the other side of death. We will see if God will accept their apologies as legitimate.



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14 Responses to Nine fallen ‘exgay’ leaders seek spotlight with therapy ban alliance

  1. Erik F. Wait says:

    I see articles such as these so often that I just roll my eyes and move on. The fact is too many of these people were put into leadership without having the theological or moral qualifications to hold the position. For example, Alan Chambers is now promoting the antinomianism (“hyper-grace”) that is the very foundation of Gay Theology proponents such as Rick Brentlinger and R.D. Weekly. If you check out his web site ( there is a video in which the law of God is presented as a heavy burden that is the contrasted with grace. But the Bible never presents the law in this manner. SIN is the heavy burden that prevents you from running, not the law of God (Hebrews 12:1). In contrast, John tells us that God’s commandments are NOT burdensome (1 John 5:3). Of course, our obedience to the law cannot merit our salvation but the law was never offered as a means of self-justification. This is a revival of the heresy of C.I Scofeild, Zane Hodges and Charles Ryrie.

    • gcmwatch says:

      Yes most deserve nothing more than a cursory glance and eye roll. But I did want to point out the root of these people are tainted not just because they were in Exodus but because they apparently never had an authentic experience with Jesus Christ. How else can you so easily abandon the truth and take up residence as a member of a social harem?

      • musician101 says:


        “How else can you so easily abandon the truth and take up residence as a member of a social harem?”

        I’ll explain with a quote from the indispensable Flannery Oconnor from her novel Wise Blood:

        “He felt that he should have a woman, not for the sake of pleasure in her, but to prove that he didn’t believe in sin since he practiced what was called it…”

        When you know the truth, and you turn from it, you have no other option but to embrace your sin.

  2. Shawn ODonnell says:

    This is crap!!! I know most of the nine people and they all LOVE The Lord!! You cannot judge their heart only God can!!

    To the evangelical conservatives and members of “The Resorted Hope Network,” I can no longer sit back and watch you ruin more lives. I hated myself for who I was because of messages that your organization portrays. You definitely do more harm than good! I know my track record. I know I went back and forth for many years. I know that it took me a long time to finally stick to one side, but I believe that is because of the lies I was fed for so long. I have been doing work on this for 3 years now and I understand now better than ever. I see more clearly what you and organizations like yourself are still trying to do. It makes me hurt for those that will be dredged through more torment and end up hating themselves and God in the end. I hope one day that you see how much devastation you really caused. We will all give an account for our actions.

    I’m not trying to be a poster boy for the community!! I am just trying to help others. I have felt God calling me to pick up the pieces. To pick up his children who have been abandoned by His church. There are so many gay men and women who are hurting and hate God because of what some churches and organizations like you have done. I will continue to pray that God would bring home is gay and lesbian children – to the churches they were meant to flourish in. What a missed opportunity for so many creative gifts.

    I will continue to fight!
    Shawn M. O’Donnell
    M.A School Counseling
    B.A. Education

    • musician101 says:


      “This is crap!!! I know most of the nine people and they all LOVE The Lord!! You cannot judge their heart only God can!!”

      Do you know the hearts of all these men and women? Are you GOD? You’re doing the same thing you tell us not to do…

      I don’t pretend to know if they are saved or not, that is not for me to be conjecturing. If people call upon the name of Jesus, the Bible says they are saved. But scripture also says in Matthew 7:16 that “By their fruit you will recognize them.” You cannot go on continuing to love your sin and also love the Lord. God calls us to hate evil:

      Psalm 97:10 “Let those who love the LORD hate evil, for he guards the lives of his faithful ones and delivers them from the hand of the wicked”

      I am a child of God who has chosen to follow Him and renounce my lusts for the same-sex, using some of the same techniques you find so destructive. What do you have to say to me?

    • gcmwatch says:

      You cant love Jesus and disobey his commandments. So if these people love Jesus like you say how do you explain them going against what Jesus said is the will of God concerning our sanctification?

  3. crh says:

    Gays claim to be gay from birth. I guess when a gay person converts to Christianity they forgot to read 2 Corinthians 5:17.

  4. Joe says:

    If you live Jesus you will HIS commandments? What exactly did Jesus say HIS commandment was? Yes there is racism among straight and gay whites. I don’t see you criticizing conservative whites who no go so far as to express their racist views. As long as they hang Jesus over your head like a carrot over a donkey’s head, they’re OK. In fact you will see exactly how racially inclusive and color blind you’re christian conservative anti gay homes are the minute you suggest the put a more historically accurate (dark skin/negroid) image of Christ in their churches. You talk about exclusion but why do white christians refuse to worship a black Jesus when Jesus was in fact black and definitely not white?

  5. Joe says:

    If you love Jesus, you shouldn’t try to white wash him…Jesus would be accepted as is don’t you think…or does the disdain for blacks override white Christians’ love for Jesus?

  6. Mrs Mickle says:

    I really don’t see the relevance of your comments, does the wrongness of one negate the wrongness of the other?

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