Bishop David Maxwell renounces all support for homosexual marriage

Good news to report amidst the serial bad news that continues to gush from the office chambers of the apostate wing of American Christianity. Bishop David Maxwell a former vocal supporter of homosexual marriage and its rider issues, strongly denounced it and renounced his support of it in an May 19th oped.

Via the Gospel Herald:

One of Lansing, Michigan’s most prominent Black pastors, Bishop David Maxwell, had been quoted in the press in May of 2012, as saying that he agreed with homosexuals and lesbians who say that so called gay marriage is a “civil right”.

bishopdavidmaxwellMaxwell, Pastor of Eliezer Temple Church in Lansing, Michigan, has also served as head of Mayor Virg Bernero’s Office of Faith-based Initiatives, was quoted as saying:

“Many of my comrades in the faith community have a struggle and cannot separate the theology with the civics of the president executing fairness and equity for all persons, It’s a civil right. The sad thing about it is: You would have thought that the African-American pastoral or theological community would have sensitivity when they themselves have struggled civil rights-wise.”

Maxwell also praised President Barack Obama for promoting an agenda to redefine marriage as other than between one man and one woman, “”I think the president is to be commended. He did not allow his own Christian philosophy or theology to dominate his presidential responsibility.” However, in a recent letter dated May 19, 2014, Bishop Maxwell has clearly changed his mind regarding his support of marriage redefinition and his criticism of predominantly Black churches as being “homophobic”.

“After reading statements attributed to me in a recent article, of which did not completely state my position on same sex marriage, and may lead some to view my statements as an endorsement of sort of same sex marriage. I am compelled to set the record straight”.

Maxwell also recanted all of his previous accusations against black churches for being “homophobic”.

Read Maxwell’s full letter

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7 Responses to Bishop David Maxwell renounces all support for homosexual marriage

  1. eMatters says:

    Good for him! Hopefully others will find the courage to speak the truth.

    • 1godjesuschrist says:

      there is but one truth one lord one faith one baptism a bishop must be the husband of one wife marriage is one man one woman in the beginning until the end of time on earth marriage is also a great mystery so is being ONE body one Father God of our Lord Jesus Christ

      marriage is not black and white one day this all will not matter for Now souls matter and The Almighty God has them all!!!! Praise His Holy Name

  2. Better late than too late. All across America, black pastors that supported the sin of homosexuality are jumping off the Obama bandwagon because they finally saw or fell the little busted up red wagon sliding down the street with no wheels. Even Hilkary went back to business as usual even though she went to Margha’s Vineyard for a party with Obama. But all that has changed. Now black folks gotta watch their backs because round two of homosexuality is about to kick of should Hillary get in. Round two is a wave of lesbian liberalism where angry beards will rise to castrate male authority.

  3. Lafe says:

    People of God: Contend for the faith! Use bible doctrine when dealing with any sin including homosexualtiy and do not let the person side trapped you with issues of personal freedom. Yes, they have personal freedom to indulge in sin…any sin but for htem to link personal freedoms with being OK with God..that is the turning point in the discussion. God does not endorse any personal freedom that causes one to sin or to be tempted to sin. Remember, keep the discussion on a spiritual level since in the final analysis, when we stand before a holy God, it will not be discussions about your personal freedoms but what decision did you make about God’s free gift of grace…Jesus the Christ.
    Hold the course saints…we are almost home! The times are getting worse and worse but that is to be expected so do not lose heart. We are seeing an
    acceleration of end time events. So, stay focused and
    have mercy on the sinner as God did for me and for you and pray for their deliverance in spite of themselves.

    • Following Christ says:

      I agree with this sister. Amen. 1 Corinthians 11:1; what pattern are you setting for someone to follow? Remember someone other than God is always watching us.

  4. ERVA says:

    People of God , stand up for righteousness, God had given us his way in which we should serve him and we should forsake all other way and live a operate in his will, the flesh is weak but with the strength and empowerment of the Holy Spirit we can do all things through Christ who strengthen us. Whatever the word of God say is wrong it is wrong and no one can turn a lie into truth, man lying with a man is wrong, take an example of the flood , Noah took a pair of every animal.

  5. Lenard Hudson says:

    God can do all things and bring him out of Darkness and into His Marvellous Light, even before you finish talking about him/her!

    God has a problem with all sin, and eveyone that is committing sin. We who are living as Self-proclaimed, Sanctified, and Saved people need to stop tempting God with the Hidden Spiritual Tattoos of our own Immorality, and the covering up of our own sins.

    God only knows what evidentiary sins that we bear in our own self righteous behavior as disobedient Children of the Most High!

    Let’s stop spreading the Devil’s Newspaper, and start obeying our God by spreading the Good News of Jesus!

    Knowing That God Can Save The Sinner Man, The Self Righteous Man, Even Me My Man, I Know That God Can Save You, Whoever You May Be, Man!

    Won’t He Do It? Yes He Will!

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