New book alleges Hawkins brothers are homosexual

A new book  written by gay author E. Patrick Johnson, a professor at Northwestern University in Evanston,IL contains a rather overt assertion that gospel music industry worker Walter Hawkins and his brother Edwin are homosexuals. The Hawkins brothers are  gospel music industry “icons” and leaders of the Music and Arts conference.   But they are also in Johnson’s book Sweet Tea . The book uses an “oral history” format to tell the stories of homosexual men in the south. The author contends these stories needed to be “documented.”

One of the interviewees describes meeting Bishop Walter Hawkins and brother Edwin and the late  Rev. James Cleveland:hawkinsgayGCM Watch has reported on both Hawkins and Cleveland here and here, not to foster gossip or innuendo but to show that the roots of the gospel music industry have been irrigated by dirty water. The spirit that is fairly dominate in the gospel music industry was in part, ushered in by these men who still are revered and idolized by the unrepentant homosexual community in the church. And yes, they are largely responsible for the current sordid state of church music.

Sad to say, those who were tutored by them have the same spirit. I call it an “associational anointing”. In this case, its a transference of spirits by familiarity. That is not a good thing. Unfortunately, it has become entrenched in what should be the most glorious music on the face of the earth.

Strangely, there have been no known protests, denials or rebuttals of the book from Hawkins.

ADDENDUM 04.21.09
A very interesting article related to this story from the Chicago Tribune. Couldn’t find the original link. In it, Johnson says many contemporary gospel artists are gay, even if they do not acknowledge it publicly. That statement can be viewed two ways. To the gays in the church who already know this is true, it provides a sense of empowerment to continue in a sinful lifestyle while claiming to be saved. However, from a biblical perspective its error to allow someone who lives a consistent lifestyle of sin to hold positions of influence in God’s church.

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