Gay church yanks Jaunita Bynum video off Youtube

Apparently, the false teachers at the UPPC (aka Vision Church) didn’t want anyone else seeing the video of false prophetess Jaunita Bynum (and her little dog Toto too) at their homosexual ordination service so they yanked the video off of Youtube. See the original story here.

Thankfully, a GCM Watch reader captured it before they tried to destroy the evidence. We are looking at several reposting options. Until then, if you want to see it email and we’ll be happy to send it to you.

Its hard to imagine why they wouldn’t want anyone to see Bynum at their church. After all she was gushing with praise for them. Or perhaps word got back to Bynum herself and she ordered them to take it down. No one really knows.

The video was posted by A E Ministries run by Candace Hardnett, one of the lesbian clerics ordained by the UPPC. Other videos of Daryl Coley and Lecresia Campbell serenading the church’s pastor remain posted, for now.

Update 07.20.09
Due to the more than average number of requests to see the Juanita Bynum/gay church video, you can now see the video here.

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