Carman interviews Walter Hawkins on TBN

I don’t want to prejudice anyone, but watch for yourself and tell us what you think of Carman’s interview (medium speed video) with Bishop Walter Hawkins. The show aired on January 24 and will remain in the archives until Feb 24th.

The interview with Hawkins begins at 1:08:10. If you dont want to view the whole program, you’ll need to forward to that point.

I will update this post with some background information on Walter Hawkins because it would be relevant to what he is saying on the video.

So, is the past really the past when you continue to associate with people who represent the worst of your past?

Walter Hawkins at Bishop Robert Taylor’s church in 2007. [youtube]

**Thanks to IC for the link to the Sylvester article.  It still doesn’t give the full monty of the Hawkins’ gay christian theology. The article is actually soft towards their false beliefs.  I think this is what both Carman and Hawkins were dancing around in the interview.

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