Alert: Bishop Michael Pitts and other vipers preparing to strike


TOLEDO, OH – This will not be easy on the eyes. But then again, dealing with false teachers is never pleasant.

Bishop Michael Pitts is putting on yet another one of those grand, stratospheric type church conferences which boasts big, money making drawing cards like TD Jakes, Eddie Long and Paula White. (h/t Pulpit Pimps) Pitts is bishop or apostle of the Cornerstone Global Network.

But despite all the religious grandstanding, court records and media reports show Pitts can’t seem to keep his private parts in his pants while he is in public places.

Add to that Pitts’ drunk driving conviction and you wonder what is it that attracts these paper mache religious leaders to something like his latest conference called “Decree: Heaven on Earth” (make sure to look at the url closely). On the surface, we know that its the promise of mega money which lures in vultures like Jakes, Long and White. If there weren’t significant mammon being waved in their face, they simply wouldn’t show.

Scandal and sin mark the head conference speakers:  Jakes charges 50k for speaking engagements and has been in and out of the homosexual controversies for years now.  False prophetess Paula White is working hard to resurrect the church her selfish divorce helped tear down. Eddie Long is trending gay affirming and fancies himself a religious Donald Trump.  That’s why they will go to Pitts’ pleasure palace and parade around for the sheeple to snap pictures of them and utter nonsensical religious platitudes.

Its apparent because these people cannot govern their own lives, they turn a blind eye and enable Pitts to continue his charade and deception. We can no longer afford silence while souls are being sifted like wheat with the help of false teachers.

Joshua Benton a former staff writer and columnist for The Dallas Morning News wrote about Pitts’ heretofore slick abilities to avoid the legal noose for his perverted crimes.  Benton who lived and worked in Toledo for some time said he was dismayed that there was little information on Pitts’ sexual malfunctions on the internet. Of course, Pitts was able to continue putting on his grand conferences because no one really knew that he was showing his private parts to little boys on a golf course.

In 1995, he was stopped by police after allegedly being spotted masturbating in front of two young boys hitting golf balls at a local baseball diamond. Officials did not press charges after Pastor Pitts agreed to seek counseling with a psychologist who sees sex offenders, they said. (The Pitts camp claims the officials are lying.)

In 1997, he faced eight counts of public indecency and seven counts of criminal trespass, linked to a series of incidents in which a man matching Pastor Pitts’ description was reported exposing himself to people in places like a local park and a Wal-Mart parking lot. His car was spotted near where several of the incidents occurred.

Pastor Pitts hired some very fine attorneys and, in the end, all charges except for two criminal trespass misdemeanors were suddenly dropped. His final punishment: 14 days of house arrest with an ankle bracelet and a $500 fine. As part of the unusual plea agreement, both prosecution and defense agreed that neither side would be allowed to discuss the reasons for the sudden deal.

Pastor Pitts claimed complete vindication. Others were less sure.”

Today, far too many called Christian clergy are spiraling headlong into perdition. And if they are out of control spiritually and naturally, where does that leave those following them?  How to they do it? Its simple so many of the main money makers are so riddled with sin, they form a club and perform at each other’s conferences. Haven’t you seen the pattern? Google any of these vipers and you will see who they slither around with. And the people who attend these events  perhaps are unaware that the “stars” are priming them for blood. It reminds me of a movie I saw once about a traveling vampire circus. None of the townspeople knew they were part of a scheme to rob them of their lives. They lived bored lives and were hungry for entertainment. So the vampires gavwhitewitche it to them.

In court,  when another defendant recognized Pastor Pitts and asked why he was there he said, “You know, you don’t get through life without taking a few little bumps.”

With all of these public sins, why hasn’t there been some public contrition from Pitts? You guessed it. Any attention on his perversion would jeopardize the flow on money which allow him to continue his upper echelon lifestyle. Last year, when Pitts appeared for a command performance at Paula White’s church, she declared it was by “divine appointment”.

Though there has been some debate surrounding Pitts’ ability to get charges against him dismissed on legal technicalities, the Bible has no such leniency for those who claim to be bishops in the Lord’s church. The qualifications are clear. A bishop must be blameless, with a good report both within (from the church) and without (the community). Pitts’ recurring issues with liquor, sex and false teaching do not meet the standards. Unfortunately, there is no one to rebuke him sharply, openly and to his face until he repents. But you don’t have to be bamboozled.

If you are an currently an enabler of Michael Pitts, I urge you to immediately discontinue sowing seeds (aka giving him money), attending his conferences or warming the benches at his local theater church. Stay away from this false prophet and his cohorts until they repent. There’s really no other option unless you want to be partakers of their sins.


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