Deacon arrested for park sex sting now counting COGIC money

Is this just a matter of ethics? We report, you decide.

pitchfordDeacon Jerome Pitchford, a Sunday School teacher, youth leader and deacon at Milwaukee’s Holy Redeemer COGIC was arrested May last year in a known gay sex “cruising” park after he exposed his private parts to an undercover officer. It happened on Sunday after church. Police say Pitchford was looking for sex with another man.

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However, just a year later Pitchford seems not to have lost his stride with his church. In fact, the deacon is still a deacon is now operating as the Finance staffer for COGIC’s  Midwest Regional Music Conference. [Source]

This looks like a promotion for Pitchford, but should the church be promoting such individuals? This is something we have been discussing here with the ordained sexual offender and here with questions about Galatians 6 as applied to church sexual offenders. Is the case with Pitchford a matter solely for the church? Or now since he was convicted of a sexual crime should the church allow him to function in leadership capacity. The report said he was “suspended” pending outcome of the case, but now he is apparently back in action.


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