Curtain Call: Blake to reveal clergy sexual abuse plan in Memphis

blakeThe saga continues. According to the COGIC’s public relations spokesperson, Presiding Bishop Charles Blake will reveal for the first time his aggressive new clergy sexual abuse plan. And just in time for Holy Convocation.

Deidre Malone told Memphis Commercial Appeal that Blake and the church have been working on this plan for “more than 15 years”, but refused to divulge any details. We can only hope this is not another layer of church bureaucracy which will impede justice for future victims.

That would mean that the church has known about its clergy sexual abuse problem since at least 1994, but have failed to act on a number of high profile cases. Its also interesting now that ReportCOGICAbuse has been launched, the plan magically gets finished. Of course the obvious question is does it really take 15 plus years to finish a clergy sexual abuse plan? And why hasnt anyone heard of it prior to now? Perhaps this is why they refused to acknowledge Supt Harvey Barnett’s comprehensive National Victims Advocacy Plan.

Hopefully, Bishop Blake will:
(1) Release the details of the plan to the media
(2) Call for church-wide repentance to past victims of clergy sexual abuse
(3) Acknowledge that COGIC leadership has been unjust in dealing with victims

Malone also told WMC TV in Memphis “presiding Bishop Charles Blake does have an additional initiative that he’s going to announce.”

An additional initiative? Additional to what?

Other developments

Monday, the first day of the Convocation, I will be a guest on the Thaddeus Matthews Show. It airs at 4pm on KWAM 990 AM Memphis. If you want to listen or call in, you can catch the show online here.

Here’s video of the October 12 edition of WMC TV News. Clergy sexual abuse in COGIC was the lead story.

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