The black gospel industry ‘celebrates’ its profane spirit


You could have substituted the word porn for gospel and got the same result, but once again the profane nature of the black gospel music industry was in blazing display for all the world to see.

On Jan 10th, for two hours, courtesy of Black Entertainment Television, the show paraded the industry’s well and lesser known homosexuals, adulterers, internet sex freaks, groupies and sexy divas across the screen in an ironic Celebration of Gospel. Homosexuals had a great deal to be proud of to see so many of their own arrayed like peacocks in a zoo.

The “stars” and their groupie fans had a mad ball posing and showing off some of the most bizarre outfits imaginable.  Mimicking the red carpet effect of secular entertainment shows (why is a mystery), the COG shined the spotlight on the industry’s top money making whores. There’s no mistaking that the indulgent glorification of sensuality, sexuality and perversion is a benchmark of the gospel music industry.

There is no way anyone can convince me that this reflects Jesus Christ or the gospel of Jesus Christ. I don’t care how much you protest that you “love Jesus”, loving Jesus and reveling in such hideous excesses aren’t compatible. Modesty in our looks, clothing and spirit is a requirement for those who follow Christ.

Pictures of the event are available at The EX Times and on BET’s website here and here.

And if there exists any gospel music singers/musicians/producers (Donnie McClurkin sadly was reveling with partygoers) et al who are in disagreement with this disgusting repertoire, why are they so silent and passive? Invisible and complicit while year after year the “celebrations” descend into more bacchanal debauchery.

And its not just about the fashion insanity.

Out in the open: Tye Tribbett who just a few months prior committed adultery with a member of his choir. Vocal and angry about sexual immorality in the church,  when asked about his own menage a trios, Tribbett refused comment. Tribett underwent a so called 60 day sabbatical to “get right with God”. And guess what? He got right just in time to perform at the Celebration of Gospel! Actually the COG was taped Dec 12, so Tye cheated on his sabbatical, but who are we to hold him accountable to some silly sabbatical?

Who and what are gospel groupies really celebrating?

There was Donald Lawrence, Bobby Jones, and Dorian Stansberry whose self lensed, explicitly naked photos [google] (NSFYS) were posted on the web allegedly by a former male sex partner.

There was Heather Headley and Kurt Carr. Mary, Mary and Dorinda Clark Cole joined them.

Speak out against this and stop purchasing any music they produce or participate in. Please don’t ask about whose music can you purchase. There’s no need to have any type of dependence on someone else to praise God for you.

Speak to one another with psalms, hymns and spiritual songs. Sing and make music in your heart to the Lord, Eph 5:19

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NSFYS=Not safe for your spirit

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