Yahoo reports Christian “music star” now lesbian


These Christian star-comes-out-of-the-closet stories seem to follow a familiar trajectory. We’ve seen it with Ray Boltz and Tonex. In fact I wrote in November 2008, “people get ready, Boltz’s move will only embolden others. Its just a matter of time.”

And here we are again with another singer named Jennifer Knapp. [Yahoo story] [Christianity Today]

To be perfectly honest, Id never heard of nor listened to any of this woman’s music, so I dont get the “star” accolades. She was nomintated for four grammys, but so have many other music artists.

A rising star on the Christian music scene is returning to the public eye with a new identity after a mysterious seven-year absence spent mostly on the other side of the world.

Jennifer Knapp is not only coming out with a new album, she is also “coming out,” a term the Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter considers “very bizarre” as she nervously relaunches her career.

The 36-year-old Kansas native, who dated men during her college days, is braced for a backlash from religious fans who faithfully shot down whispered rumors about her sexuality over the years. On the other hand, she said in a recent interview with Reuters, “I’m definitely getting a lot more friendly winks from the girls (at her concerts) than I have in the past!”

Knapp’s story is familiar almost to a fault. Its one of confusion that most, if not all who have struggled with sexual expression and identity have experienced. The media quickly attempts to paint it as a conflict between the church and acceptance of homosexuals. But the source of the conflict is God’s law. Even if every church in America had full “acceptance” of homosexuals, it wouldn’t change God’s law.

In the Christianity Today interview, Knapp seemed reticent as to whether she would link up and be another spokesperson for the gay movement. Perhaps not. But mark my words, it wont be long before the gay christian movement sinks its fangs into her neck.

While Knapp pretended not to be all that concerned with the biblical aspects of her sin, she nonetheless quickly threw out the worn out shellfish arguement.  That one is in the same category and the Adam and Steve cliche.

“The Bible has literally saved my life. I find myself between a rock and a hard place—between the conservative evangelical who uses what most people refer to as the “clobber verses” to refer to this loving relationship as an abomination, while they’re eating shellfish and wearing clothes of five different fabrics, and various other Scriptures we could argue about. I’m not capable of getting into the theological argument as to whether or not we should or shouldn’t allow homosexuals within our church. There’s a spirit that overrides that for me, and what I’ve been gravitating to in Christ and why I became a Christian in the first place.”

Although the spotlight is focused on Knapp’s sexuality, it exposes another serious flaw in the way the contemporary American church has positioned itself.  This is why the church should begin reevaluating its support for the cult of celebrity in the music industry. The Stellars, Doves and all other award shows should be dismantled. Let’s see whose heart is to serve the Lord and who’s in it for the lights of fame. More and more, we are seeing that far too many of these people are being led by feelings, flesh and fan adulation.

UPDATE 04.16.10 12:49

CNN writer Lisa France has posted a well written story on Knapp and briefly looks at the wider issue of homosexuality in the church quoting both Lexi and myself as well the author of the Christianity Today peice who originally broke the story. Read the full article.

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