Bishop David Huskins hides Swilley connection at Toledo church

davidhuskinsBishop David Huskins, the “archbishop” of the International Communion of Charismatic Churches and heir to the deposed and deceased sexual predator Earl Paulk, doesnt want people to know about GCM Watch or Jim Earl Swilley. The question is, why not? If youre unfamiliar with Huskins and the Swilley gay bishop scandal, look here and here.

Huskins, who spoke at Cornerstone Church in Toledo didnt mention GCM Watch by name, but had plenty to say about why people shouldnt log on and judge for themselves.

But first the fact that Huskins was at the church of viper Michael Pitts says a lot about him and even more about Pitts. Personally (and this is no revelation from the Lord) I believe Pitts is another Jim Earl Swilley. You may remember on last year when we reported on Pitts and his Heaven on Earth (HOE) conference and the other vipers he brought in to help him deceive the people.

Apparently it was lucrative venture because he’s done it again. It was reported that Eddie Long cancelled his scheduled appearance, but Huskins found his way into the inner circle.

The following are Huskins public comments he made at the HOE conference. Our clarifying remarks in brackets.

Huskins told the church that the press didn’t contact him at first about miracles, but only wanted to know his thoughts on a leader’s [Swilley] sins.  Additionally he complained that  the press was “weird” and harassed him.

“You can’t win because they LIE and don’t COUNT. Ignore them. Recently, one of our pastors [actually it was a senior bishop] had to step down due to their confessed sin [he would not call Swilley's name or what "the sin" was]. I don’t know why he had to make it some public announcement, but he did. I don’t necessarily agree with it, but I’m too “drunk on the glory” to respond to anyone. He didn’t consult leadership before making the decision.

A local blogger [GCM Watch] contacted me for my take on the situation. Of course HE didn’t bother to ask about the miracles we have been in for 85 days, he wanted to know about the story on sin [No one knew anything about "85 days of miracles" so how could we ask?]  By the way..every time I come here [to Toledo] they blog about it. If anyone in here is reading blogs, you need to repent. Don’t let anybody pull you out of this dimension. I’ve been drunk for 85 days, when I sober up, i’ll get back w/ you [speaking of GCMwatch]. No, actually, when I sober up..I will not get back with you then either. If you sit on the sidelines and don’t get involved..then you have nothing to say about what we are doing for the Kingdom. Actually, it doesn’t affect the kingdom of God, it affects the kingdom of men. CNN contacted me when (the women with the wheel chair) was healed after 22 yrs. They offered me a million dollars if I could scientifically prove it.

But they haven’t taken me up on my offer. I offered them a million dollars if they could prove it wasn’t a miracle. You can’t trust the media don’t listen to them. I don’t watch the news ever, ask my sons. I’m too caught up in the glory. I feel that some of you in here  are trusting your HEAD [Pitts], don’t give an ear to that foolishness.

So if Huskins never watches the news and we assume that means online too, how does he know the news about Pitts written by no one else but GCM Watch? How can you advise someone not to watch something you have never seen yourself?

I can’t comment on the CNN/million dollar miracle proof money , but false teachers do a great deal of lying. Its simply not true that “every time he comes to Toledo they blog about it”. Since he is referring to GCM Watch, he is lying as we have never heard of him being in Toledo before now. That’s why he didnt mention our site, it enabled him to lie at will without anybody being able to confirm it.

Sitting on the sidelines is what Huskins was doing until he was forced to respond to the garish announcement of his senior leader but we digress. Like his predecessor Earl Paulk couching his error in religious goobley-gook like “caught up in the glory” and “drunk in the next dimension”  is a way to deter critical review of this messy Kingdom Now theology he advocates.

Its strange he still is very hesistant to say Swilley is wrong for being homosexuality. The problem Huskins seems to stumble over is that Swilley did not inform them. Was that for damage control or to see how best to spin the story before the media took notice?

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