Blog says ‘Gospel’ singer DeWayne Woods serenades lesbian “wedding”


UPDATED 7:16am est [scroll down]

GCM Watch is working on confirming certain aspects of a story about a rather well known gospel industry worker and a lesbian wedding. Incidents such as these are going to increase and cause more upheaval in the church as gospel industry workers continue to sanctify homosexuality with their music and influence. For those whose faith is weak and for the great numbers of immature Christians, gospel celebrities at gay weddings will only add to the already massive confusion over the issue.

It was more or less and open secret that despite gospel industry worker DeWayne Woods‘ controversial testimony of healing from AIDS, something still didn’t add up about him. Woods came out of the Donald Lawrence gospel music stable and like many of the industry workers refused to renounce homosexuality. In March 2008, Woods had agreed to an interview with homosexual blogger Darian Aaron, then according to Aaron, backed out at the last minute. Whether the interview was to be Woods’ “coming out” debut isn’t known.

But now an email with pictures  allegedly sent to G. Craige Lewis’ Ex Ministries place Woods at a lesbian wedding in Atlanta, as the “guest psalmist”.

Ex Times posted the story —with pictures— November 10th but little outside attention was paid to it.

GCM Watch contacted Andrea Williams, president and founder of the Telilah Entertainment Group where Woods’ picture is currently featured prominently on its website as one of its featured clients.

But Williams was quick to deny that TEG connections with Woods…anymore. In an email to GCM Watch, Williams said, “I no longer represent Mr. Woods. DeWayne was never part of my company. We represented him briefly. We stopped representing him in 2008.”

GCM Watch also asked Williams if Tehilah Entertainment support artists on its roster performing at gay marriages, but she refused comment.

Pictures posted on ExTimes show pictures of the lesbian wedding officiated by an Atlanta gay cleric OC Allen, the women and a picture of a man in dark shades whom Ex Times identifies as Woods. But the picture is somewhat dark. And Ex Times did not confirm the source of the pictures. Obviously if they are pictures taken at a lesbian wedding, the picture taken would have been in attendance.

This isn’t the first time GCM Watch has informed you about Christians fornicating with gay weddings.  In August 2008, we reported that:

Wendy Gritter, the Exodus ministry leader in Canada (ironically called New Direction) who admitted to gay activists she doesnt agree with Exodus’ message of change from homosexual is now telling activists she would attend a homosexual “wedding.”  What’s more, Gritter said she would give the gay newlyweds a gift because “at the end of the day I believe loving people is what God asks of me.”

Gritter eventually left Exodus and is now progay. But far too many pastors and churches continue to act irresponsibly by not informing their congregations of what is at our doorstep. Like in the Sodom story, soon the activists will be banging at the doors of the church (despite the lies they have told to the contrary) demanding that church leaders marry them or else face “discrimination” lawsuits and loss of 501c3 status.

Earlier, we posted a poll asking if you as a Christian would attend a gay marriage ceremony. See the poll and register your response.


GCM Watch has confirmed that the man in the photo posted by ExTimes is Dwayne Woods. An alert reader sent us this picture showing Woods with OC Allen while wearing the same blue sweater vest, purple tie, dark suit and dark round glasses (see inset comparison).

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