Albert Mohler: Presbyterian gay clergy “total theological tragedy”


The head of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary summed up the Presbyterian Church’s recent drowning death by deception as a “total theological tragedy”.

Rev. Albert Mohler wrote that the “surrender” of the denomination to religious homosexual activism points to a deeper disease. An infection which is spreading throughout the body of Christ. GCM Watch even coined a term for it: Spiritual Immodeficiency Virus aka SIV.

But even beyond the specific issue of homosexuality, the church faced two of the most fundamental questions of Christian theology — the authority of the Bible and the Lordship of Christ. In making this change, the church clearly affirms that one may submit to the Lordship of Christ without submitting to the clear teachings of Scripture.

That is a fundamental error that leaves this denomination now in the implausible position of claiming to affirm the Lordship of Christ while subverting the authority of Scripture. The removal of the constitutional language about marriage and chastity, coupled with the removal of the language about repentance from what Scripture identifies as sin, effectively means that candidates and presbyteries may defy Scripture while claiming to follow Christ.

Clearly, this action could not have happened without this denomination having abandoned any required belief in the full authority, inspiration and truthfulness of the Bible long ago. This most recent decision sets the stage for the total capitulation of this church to the normalization of homosexuality — an act of open defiance against the Scriptures.

In a “churchwide letter” to the denomination, PC(USA) leaders stated:

“Reactions to this change will span a wide spectrum. Some will rejoice, while others will weep. Those who rejoice will see the change as an action, long in coming, that makes the PCUSA an inclusive church that recognizes and receives the gifts for ministry of all those who feel called to ordained office. Those who weep will consider this change one that compromises biblical authority and acquiesces to present culture. The feelings on both sides run deep.”

Well, the feelings no doubt run deep, but the injury to this church runs far deeper than feelings. This is yet another tragedy in the sad history of mainline Protestantism’s race toward total theological disaster.

Other churches should take note. These Presbyterians have been slowly drowning for a long time. God has finally let them sink into the abyss of deception. There is but one abject lesson to be gleaned from this. If you coddle and cater to the demands of religious homosexuals they will take over, dominate you and eventually pull you down into the darkness with them.

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