Wreckxs n effect: A tale of two messages [updated]


Here are two messages you should hear. See if you can pick out the false one.

UPDATE: Youtube has shut down the site and removed Creflo Dollar’s disgusting (and lie-ridden) video. It was expected that Dollar would use his “world changing” power to keep people from seeing his wreckx n effect sermon.

(5:24) Creflo Dollar telling former members of New Birth they are not welcome at World Changers and to go back to New Birth and Eddie Long.
Partial transcript:
You gonna leave the preacher [Long] for his wreck…. when you done had more wrecks? The Blood will take care of his wreck just like it took care of yours.
I can’t believe that people would LEAVE THEIR PREACHER JUST BECAUSE HE HAD A WRECK.… instead of praying for him.
I mean… that pastor has loved them… has taken care of them… has given to them… he’s done for them… so he HAD A WRECK!
You had some wrecks! I mean… the mercy God showed you but you can’t show none to the preacher?
And then the gossip that’s in the body of Christ over the preacher that had a wreck? He had a WRECK…. here’s the good news.. HE HAD INSURANCE!!
The preacher in the city here, he’s still gonna go to heaven. He’s cleared… he’s alright!
And if you from that church that you know what I’m talkin’ bout and you tryin’ to join here, I don’t want you here! That is my friend! That is my brother in The Lord!
And if you came from there, you get on BACK OVER THERE [New Birth] and do what you’re supposed to be doing. Because he had insurance, and Jesus paid the premium.

(5:26) Following the World Trade Center attacks on 9/11, Rev. Carter Colon cries out for people to heed the voice of the Spirit and flee false teachers.

Creflo Dollar protects his money in Canada

Special h/t to Kevin M. Oliver

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