Wheaton president email rebuffs gay christian group


GCM Watch covered the gay christian activist group ironically named OneWheaton in May. From a Chicago Times story, we reported the covert excuse of forming to “support” gay teens soon morphed into demands for inclusion, power-sharing and official celebrations of homosexuality. After that, they will be demanding the school perform homosexual weddings.  That’s the real agenda of these gay christian campus groups.

Now, as the group plans an inhospitable invasion into school’s homecoming celebrations, the college’s president issued an email saying OW’s aims are in conflict with the scriptures.

Dear Campus Community,

Some of you may be aware that OneWheaton, a recently formed group of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) alumni and allies, is planning events to coincide with Homecoming Weekend October 7-8.

Wheaton College welcomes all of our alumni to campus for Homecoming Weekend. As always, we look forward to this annual gathering of our alumni family from around the world as we celebrate God’s work in our lives and strengthen our connections with one another.

Members of any family have areas of agreement and disagreement. This is true of Wheaton College’s relationship to OneWheaton, a group comprised of alumni but not affiliated with the College. As I have shared in an earlier campus communication, the College agrees with OneWheaton’s stated desire to “affirm the full humanity and dignity of every human being, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.”

We also remain committed to the Bible’s teaching on sexual morality, which has anchored the church throughout its history and is described in our Community Covenant. This commitment means that some of OneWheaton’s aims and emphases are in conflict with those of the College.

Wheaton College should be a place where all people are treated with love, respect, and dignity. We hope all members of the campus community and alumni, regardless of their theological and moral views, will see Homecoming Weekend as an opportunity to celebrate their shared experience at Wheaton College, rather than a venue for confrontation.

I encourage you to demonstrate a spirit of warm hospitality as you talk and interact with members of the alumni family who visit campus over Homecoming Weekend. Our desire is that the environment at Homecoming Weekend be marked by Christlike love in such a way that all are deepened and encouraged in their journey of faith.

The presence of OneWheaton members at Homecoming events reminds us that there are brothers and sisters in the College community who experience same-sex attraction. Together, we are called to affirm Wheaton’s common understanding of faith in Christ as expressed in our Community Covenant. By contributing to an atmosphere of care and respect—not only at Homecoming, but as a natural outgrowth of life as a Christian community—we can encourage and support these family members as we all grow to be more like Christ.

Wheaton College students and faculty who agree with President Phillip Ryken should be aware and not naive. OW isnt interested in any mutual discussions about homosexuality from a biblical standpoint. They have the exact same agenda as any other homosexual rights group. And that is to bring  legitimacy to the homosexuality is not a sin theory. OW is willing to use any far out methodology within its reach to achieve that end goal and win the praise of its homosexual rights political counterparts.

Wheaton is right to offer support to students who struggle with homosexuality but seek to live in congruence with God’s words —as we all should. It is also right to reject the goals of OW which seeks to invalidate God’s eternal truths to the detriment of such a great school.

Wheaton and its faithful student population should meet such an agenda with an unmoveable resolve to uphold biblical standards of sexual conduct. God’s way is nonnegotiable.

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