Jamal Bryant’s homosexuality videos uploaded


Earlier this year, GCM Watch reported that Baltimore pastor Jamal Bryant was moderating a “conversation” about homosexuality at his Empowerment Temple Church. Slated on the guest list was gay christian cleric Dennis Meredith of Atlanta and former lesbian Brenda Burton of Jacksonville, NC. The event was billed as “Homosexuality in the House of God”.   Per the graphic flyer that was released by the ministry, Meredith got the “featured” billing. But after the GCM Watch article, the graphic was amended and rereleased with Burton’s name added. You can see both graphics from the event here.

Videos of that  exchange have now been uploaded to Youtube but only five of the seven parts are available. Part 1 is Bryant presumably giving some historical background and context but the actual “conversation” doesn’t begin until about 5 minutes into part 2.

We have not reviewed all the videos, but feel free to add your comments and insights as you view them.

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5


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