Lexi Show puts doctrines of devils on display


ATLANTA – The spiritual damage inflicted upon the church (as if it didn’t already have enough serious problems) by the Lexi Show’s airing of the homosexual “Vision Church”  is incalculable. Its akin to the Iranians getting their hands on a US made drone last week. Something monumentally wicked has been released.  Before an audience of an estimated 32 million, on a African American-oriented, Christian-themed television network, Lexi showcased the vile, the perverted and the abominable as if it were a children’s ice cream party.

Apparently, everyone — but the church and its happy but blind members— can see that the dog and pony show which played out over two interviews[part 1], [part 2]  on the Word Network were staged performances.

Lexi brought her religious entertainment show to Atlanta and in total submission to the belial qodesh, cast them as good, normal and righteous.  The interview was jammed full of  feelings, contradiction, lies,  emotional garbling, “visions” and other sweetheart topics that carefully avoided the real issue. The church’s fundamental assertion that homosexuality is not a sin.

At one point, the church’s founder Oliver Clyde Allen, uses juvenile logic to refute that his church is a gay church.

“I dont even think that notion makes sense. Because if a church is gonna be identified by its majority population, then there’s a lot of gay churches. If there are churches that are gonna be identified by the orientation or the gender that’s predominate in the space, you know what that means, then we gotta call it a woman’s church. Then most of the churches we grew up in are female churches [laughter] because the majority of the church is female.”

The problem is that Allen’s logic unwittingly works against him. If the church with a majority female church is a “woman’s church”, then a church with a majority of self-identified homosexuals and with 100% homosexual leadership, is a homosexual church. Its part of the tactic of the gay church to disconnect from who they are. See here where they learned the tactic from. Strangely, they trumpet everywhere else how “out and proud” they are to be gay, but when it comes to the church, suddenly it doesn’t “make sense” to be identified as gay. By disassociating themselves with their chosen sexual identifier when in the religious context, they are able to throw the net of seduction much wider.

We’ve warned before that the homosexual church is the antithesis of God’s true church.  Its a prefabricated babylon  of which God warns his people to “come out of her lest you share in her plagues”. Rev 18:4

Not lost on this interview is the fact that for some time now Lexi has catered to the false teachers (Carlton Pearson) and bizarre beliefs (Tonex, satanist) for ratings under of the nebulous claim of journalistic obligation to “hear everybody’s voices”.

We were the first to tell you that Lexi is no journalist and has no credentials to prove she is. Her bio states this: “…during her undergraduate studies at Bowling Green State University, majoring in Interpersonal Communications and having a minor in Theatre…” Unless she left out her journalistic credentials, the claim that she is a journalist is a farce.

Moreover, since when did the bible instruct us to put demonic voices on display so we could all “hear them”. Jesus cast out demons, forbidding to even speak to him. The Apostle Paul instructed Elder Titus  on how to deal with these religious types. “There are many men who will not listen or will not obey the truth. Their teaching is foolish and they lead people to believe a lie. Some Jews believe their lies. 11 This must be stopped. It turns whole families from the truth.” Titus 1:10-11 NLV

As a closet inclusionist, Lexi follows the same ideological trajectory as the secular homosexual media. They claim that the voices opposing homosexuality are irrelevant and thus should not be heard.

The video doesn’t deal with the real reason the gay church is in existence.  That’s why the Allen’s homosexual “husband” wanted to “protect” him. Their indefensible doctrine is nothing but regurgitated vomit that has been sprayed with expensive smelling perfume.

Pastor Harvey Burnett at Dunamis Word blog, took the time to expose the multiple lies used by the homosexual religious community aka Vision Church  to seduce and capture broken people looking for love. Read it here.

GCM Watch calls on the Word Network to reject, dismantle and ban The Lexi Show. It has become nothing but an affront to the mission of the Lord’s church and an inexcusable platform to air damnable heresies and doctrines of devils.

Read more about how and why the Word Network was started.



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