Southern Poverty Law Center issues racist response to press conference today

MONTGOMERY – Apparently rattled by a looming press conference of African American pastors today in front of their Montgomery, AL offices, the Southern Poverty Law Center issued a terse and racially tinged blog post  intended to offset the impact of the spoken truth.

The protest was led by Raleigh-Durham based pastor Dr. Patrick Wooden. With him, over a dozen ministers and leaders —almost half from the city– rallied directly below the offices of the SPLC at 400 Washington Ave. Speaker after speaker praised the organization of their good works in the past only to decry the downward spiral the organization has fallen into under  gay-controlled extremism.

Media coverage included local ABC, NBC, CBS and the Montgomery Advertiser.

Stung by the sharp rebukes of Tim Johnson president of the Fredrick Douglas Foundation , DL Foster founder of GCM Watch and Rachel Conner representing Abiding Truth Ministries, the SPLC later issued yet another apologetic blog post attempting to explain away the hypocritical inconsistencies exposed to the public.

In light of the SPLC charge of that the protestors were a group of blacks manipulated by two white men, Johnson pointed out how ironic  that the SPLC was founded by two white men  (Morris Dees and  Joesph Levin, Jr.) who used the suffering of black people to get rich.*

The second posting landed online with knee-jerk feel to it although its author, Mark Potok, is a celebrated award-winning  journalist.

Mark Potok, editor of the SPLC’s Intelligence Report and this blog, responded to the accusations: “Our listing of anti-gay hate groups is completely unrelated to religion, Christianity or the Bible. These groups are listed because they repeatedly lie in an effort to defame LGBT people, an exercise they’ve been extraordinarily successful at. The idea that we are criticizing these groups because they represent Judeo-Christian morality is simply ludicrous.”

The SPLC does not identify anti-gay hate groups based on their religious views. Instead, the SPLC lists anti-gay groups on the basis of spreading known falsehoods and demonizing propaganda against LGBT people, such as the claim that gay men largely orchestrated the Holocaust.

Potok’s self-indulgent explanation is a sloppy lie. If hate is determined by unproven defamation, numerous homosexual websites and organizations would be on the hate list based solely on criteria. But the criteria is a sham because the real target is the religious beliefs of Christians who oppose homosexuality and are effective at doing so.

Potok acts as the SPLC’s glorified hatchet man.  Refugee Resettlement Watch described him as “part of an extreme leftwing cabal at the Southern Poverty Law Center and we know from this press release (of his own work) at the Huffington Post that he is really running scared (or running low on funds).  And, we know he even looks like a looney leftie from his photo

Fighting poverty or running a racket?

RRW said it reviewed the Southern Poverty Law Centers most recent Form 990 (2006). Take a look at how dedicated the SPLC is to helping enrich themselves on the suffering of disadvantaged people.

*”They sure are fighting poverty—among their Board members anyway.  Their CEO made $334,886 in salary and compensation that year.  Potok made a measly $140,000 in comparison.  The Southern Poverty Law Center took in almost $45 million in 2006, spent millions on lobbying, and its assets are over $226,000,000.  Oh, and their so-called ‘Poverty Palace’ office building cost almost $100,000 to clean that year.”

Its big business for the SPLC to keep up the drama of their “hate-watch” lists. Since the klan and many white supremacy groups have been nuetralized, the SPLC needs new villians.  New villians bring in more money and more prestige. Apparently the need for new, reliable streams of income led them to partner” with the cash-rich gay rights cow. Anything to keep the money rolling. Even inventing new villians.




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