True or False?: George Bloomer’s prophetic conclave

The last time GCM Watch covered  weird religious talking head E. Bernard Jordan was in August 2007.  He had a dismal appearance on the now cancelled BET show “Meet the Faith”. The overly passive Jordan  is a Rev. Ike clonette who sells “prophecies” for a living.  When challenged by the rude,  loud-mouthed celebrity Sheryl Lee Ralph and gay activist Keith Boykin, Jordan retracted his stand so quickly only an instant replay could uncover his previous objections.

Since that time Jordan —now a self-titled “master prophet”— has honed his craft and even made the cut as a keynote speakers for Bishop George Bloomer’s The School of the Prophets this year, January in Durham, North Carolina.   EndTime Prophecy Blog called Jordan a “Luciferian Prophet that operates under a occult spirit and not the Holy Spirit”.

But is he the only one? See the pictures above? See if you can pick out the false prophets from the true prophets. Or are they all false? We report, you decide.

Full flyer here

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