Gay christian logic is recycled ideological garbage

Using black social inequality in America as a comparison to legitimize homosexual sin is a signal tenet in the agenda of religious gays. In all actuality, they can’t help but parrot the political agenda of their secular counterparts. The entire gay christian movement with its attendant off-shoot sects is little more than the gay political movement in heavy religious blackface. Don’t expect any revelation (although they claim “God is still speaking“) because they are fresh out and the truck wont be in for another millennia.  GCMW found the perfect example of what a recycled lie looks like from a gay christian site called “The Great Heresy”. Since it has Anthony Venn-Brown’s name stamped everywhere, we’ll assume he’s the author.

The Great Heresy’s recycled premise, in simplified form, is this:

Since the “church” was wrong about  the shape of the earth and wrong about black folk, then (brilliant minds began churning at this point) viola!, they are wrong about gays too!

Before we get started, let’s look at what heresy is. The reason you have to look at classical definitions when dealing with homosexual theology/ideology is because they redefine EVERYTHING their uncircumcised hearts latch onto. Everything.

So in simple terms, a heresy is willful deviation from the truth. To qualify truth as being the standard of what is being deviated from, you must include that God is not only the source of truth, but he is truth personified in Jesus Christ (reference John 18:38).

In his commentary called Once Heresy now Truth, Venn-Brown treads a familiar gay christian path of tangled logic, convoluted theory and self-serving conjecture. He states five points where in his estimation what was once considered heresy (using his surreptitious redefinition) is now truth (using his surreptitious redefinition).

1. Once Heresy now Truth —The world revolves around the sun. The churches [sic] previous position — The earth is the centre of the universe.

VB argues that four centuries ago, Catholic and Protestant  leaders rejected scientists like Galileo who said the world revolved around the sun.

An overarching problem with VB’s statements is his attempt to position “the church” as the source of truth, when its not. The church is comprised of people who admittedly do engage in error. And if “the church” were the source of truth, VB would have a valid argument. But the church is not the source of truth it is a conduit of truth. And while the conduit may indeed be in error at times, the source is never in error.

His first unspoken parallel is that the sun’s revolution around the earth is a moral/sexual issue. Its not. Its good that science has clarified that the earth revolves around the sun, but even if it didn’t it would not alter biblical truth that homosexuality is sin.

2. Once Heresy now Truth —White and black are equal The churches [sic] previous position —White is superior, black is inferior.

In this argues that the beliefs of white religious slave owners aka “the church”, were wrong  about the color of one’s skin making one inherently superior or inferior. And guess what? They were wrong.  Those slave owners used scripture not only for moral justification of their wickedness, but as a way to continue the cash flow off the backs of slaves.

The unspoken parallel is that skin color and sexual behavior are one in the same. They are not. Skin color is an immutable trait, while sexual behavior is fluid and changeable. In short, a person can choose to have sex with anyone they desire.  Actress Cynthia Nixon was whipped mercilessly by the contemporary keepers of the white  slave owner flame for stepping out of line on that issue.

Moreover there is no legitimate science to the oft repeated theory of being born gay. The fact that scientific evidence is even needed to prove the “born gay” point is ridiculous. Why do you even need scientific proof of such a thing.? One only need look at an African American to see the obvious sans “scientific evidence”.

3. Once Heresy now Truth — Two people who love each other should marry no matter what colour their skin. The churches [sic] previous position — God separated the races therefore they should never marry.

For his third ideological prooftext position, Venn-Brown hauls out the “two people loving each other” meme. Notice the sleight of hand here.  A man and a woman has magically become “two people”. He had to redefine to make his argument sound plausible.  And remember he’s soliloquy-ing his way to a climax, so these layers of lies are intended to reprocess your thinking for the big “a-ha” moment.

VB writes” “The last states in the US to remove the law that banned interracial marriage were in the ‘bible belt’ (the area in which conservative Christian Evangelical Protestantism is a pervasive or dominant part of the culture)…Finally when two people of different races fell in love they were allowed to marry. The oppressed were set free.”

4. Once Heresy now Truth —Men and women are of equal value and worth. The churches [sic] previous position — men are superior, women are inferior.

Per Venn-Brwon: “Up until the middle of the 19th century, most Christians had a pretty clear understanding of the role of women. It was all there in the bible. To be a good Christian woman you had to dress and behave in a certain way, your chief roles being that of keeping house, raising children, and submitting to the will of your husband.”

If VB were being truthful and not superimposing a half-truth over his theories, he would tell you that this was not a Christian imposed norm. It was a cultural norm. Pretty much every one —Christian, atheist and Jew– thought the same way. So this whole argument and its intended moral lesson is trashed for lack of honesty.

Now, finally, we have arrived at the big bang moment. Get ready, here it comes….

5. Once Heresy now Truth — same sex orientation, for a percentage of the population, is a normal expression of sexuality and occurs in all of creation. The churches previous but changing position— the Bible says homosexuality is a sin.

For his finale, Venn-Brown vomits out the most outrageous lie he can cough up. “The statement ‘the Bible says homosexuality is a sin’ is actually a false statement. It’s impossible for homosexuality to be a sin. We know from science today that homosexuality is a sexual orientation like heterosexuality and therefore it’s amoral.”

To further drive home his anticlimactic lie, he says that only “six passages out of 31,240 verses” are associated with homosexuality. First, a passage and a verse are two different measures of scripture.  But are we to believe that numbers or frequency confer validity?  Out of the millions of false gods, deities and idols there is only 1 true God.  Is then God irrelevant because he is one? I think not.

The truth is there there exists no legitimate scientific evidence proving that homosexuality is genetic. Galileo had an honest desire that was beneficial far beyond himself. The homosexuals who conducted the highly inconclusive gay gene tests admitted the tests were largely self-serving.

By using the political gay movement’s unfounded talking points to disprove God’s truth about sexual expression, Venn-Brown has proven nothing but his own foolish desire to justify to own sin. And that’s a human trick that has been recycled since the garden of eden.

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