False doctrine may lead to Exodus demise

The spiritual condition of Exodus International may have taken a turn for the worse. Its leader is infected with a false teaching and using it to justify calling self-identified homosexual christians “brothers and sisters in Christ”. But nothing could be further from the truth. Now,  in case you haven’t been aware of this deteriorating situation, it began with Chambers appearance at a conference of religious homosexuals in Orlando. His incredibly immature as well as unbiblical responses to the questions posed to him revealed a man who has little understanding of traditional Christian teaching. After a firestorm erupted, Chambers did what he always does. He issued another explanation to explain what wasnt really explained when he explained himself at the gay christian conference.  This piled contradictions on top of previous contradictions and added another layer of disingenuousness.

His recently released explanation of the fiasco revealed that his reason for calling homosexuals who reject biblical standards of sexuality “brothers and sisters in Christ” is stunningly error-ridden. Via the Christian Post:

The president of the world’s largest ministry to homosexuals and their families recently attempted to clarify controversial statements he made at a Gay Christian Network conference in Orlando, Fla., including one in which he described gays at the conference as “brothers and sisters in Christ.”

“I believe that if a person has accepted the free gift of salvation, then the gift is irrevocable,” Exodus International President Alan Chambers explained. “So, when someone says that they are a born again believer, I address them as a brother or sister in Christ.”

Thus, as Chambers applies eternal security to the homosexual christian, the only requirement to obtain eternal security is that you have to once accept salvation. After that happens, even if you return to committing homosexual acts, you are still “saved”. Thus, in his eyes this makes you his “brother or sister”. Then, instead of scripture, Chambers uses his adoptive children to proof the once saved, always saved doctrine.

“As an adoptive father, my children are irrevocably mine. They may disown me, stop talking to me and sin against me, but that does not change the fact that they are mine and always will be. I believe the same is true of God with His adopted children,” said Chambers. “Thus, I believe that people who sin (all of us) can be Christian if they have accepted that free gift of salvation.”

Its a very shaky situation to attempt to use personal experience as justification for something so serious as a person’s eternal destination. If eternal security aka OSAS can be applied to a current practicing homosexual, then what’s to stop it from being applied to a current practicing pedophile or a current practicing rapist who at one time in their lives may have “accepted the free gift of salvation”.

Matt Slick, founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry (CARM), wrote

If “practicing homosexual” means a person who is openly approving of homosexuality and is engaged in it, can this person be saved?  Yes and no.  Yes, because any sinner has the potential of becoming saved.  On the other hand, if the person is professing to be a Christian yet is unrepentantly practicing homosexuality, then it would appear that he would not be saved.  1 John 2:4 says, “The one who says, ‘I have come to know Him,’ and does not keep His commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him.”  So, a homosexual can be saved, but once saved the Spirit of God will move that person to repent of the sin of homosexuality.  If a person continues to practice homosexuality unrepentantly, promoting it, etc., then that person would not be demonstrating evidence of regeneration.

A person who willfully continues in a sexual sin and does not see it as wrong according to God’s standards, is unregenerate. A person who claims an unholy identity (gay christian) apart from how the Father has  identified us, is deceived. If Alan Chambers believes either of these is “saved”, he too is deceived.

This is why churches should run from Exodus until they resolve this matter.  If you don’t want to run, demand open, public correction. If that is not forthcoming, withdraw association and issue a public rebuke. Until we grow up and handle the matters of the kingdom of God like mature saints, this madness will only deepen and spread.

The silent treatment

Although the president of Exodus’ declarations of non-change have been reported and discussed widely,  one group of individuals have yet to go on record.

The mysterious silence of the Exodus Board of Directors isn’t surprising. They haven’t said anything after previous controversies. In fact, other than their pictures and bios, one would think they didn’t exist.  The board consists of Chamber’s former(?) pastor Clark Whitten and his wife Martha, Chambers himself, Christian singer-songwriter (and former homosexual) Dennis Jernigan, author Don Schmierer and his wife Diana, banker John Warren, Exodus official Mike Goeke, Mike Goeke’s pastor in Midland, TX Patrick Payton and finally parent-child expert Dr. Kathy Koch.

While the Exodus house burns down around them due to Chambers’ irresponsible public statements, they have remained silent, not issuing one single correction, retraction, approval, acknowledgement or anything. Just silence. The only logical conclusion one can deduce from such silence is fear or agreement. Maybe they all agree with Alan Chambers that practicing gays who call themselves Christians are actually “brothers and sisters in Christ”.  Maybe they disagree with Chambers but are remaining silent for fear of letting the public see signs of division. At any rate, its an unhealthy silence.

There has also been no public response from the member ministries associated with Exodus. Not one single ministry leader has either affirmed or refuted Chamber’s assertions.


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