Truth is the new hate speech in Brazil

The social disease and madness that has overtaken Brazil will soon wash ashore in America courtesy of the global homosexual “rights” movement.

The Brazilian government actually treats public opposition to homosexuality as if its a crime.

The country’s federal deputy Jean Wyllys, its first openly homosexual member of the Brazilian parliament,  presented a Constitutional Amendment Proposal (PEC) to legalize marriage for same-sex couples. This legislation would actually criminalize “homophobia”. Of course its the government’s definition of homophobia. They create the words and legally define them to benefit a small minority of people who then turn that into terror intimidation of the majority.  That’s the legal strategy to silence and persecute opposition. Religious freedom is only freedom if churches either remain silent or co-sign the homosexual insanity. The law means nothing to these truth pedophiles.

Mark my words,  here in America, all the so called “religious exemption provisions” attached to the gay marriage laws, will evaporate once homosexuals and their allies have gotten the stranglehold on this nation’s moral compass. The cold-blooded murder of our morality will soon follow.  In fact its already begun.

Don’t be fooled for one second, the fuel behind the homosexual rights movement is satanic and his goal is the eradication of God. Just like the Arab terrorists want to annihilate Isreal, satan uses the homosexual terrorist agenda to press in to accomplish his plan.

Thankfully, according to scripture, he will not succeed. But don’t you be fooled by all the lets play nice, tolerant and accepting of this social profanity.

Now, on to the story from Brazil via Lifesite News.

A Brazilian federal prosecutor is demanding that a televangelist retract certain statements he made in 2011 which the prosecutor says incited “hatred” against homosexuals – a thinly veiled threat of future legal action.

“The people in the Gay Parade mock the symbols of the Catholic Church and no one says anything,” televangelist Silas Malafaia reportedly said. “The Catholic Church should take a stick to these guys, you know? They should lower the club on them.”
n his remarks Malafaia was referring to the desecration of sacred images that occur regularly in homosexual parades in Brazil.

Federal prosecutor Jefferson Apareceido Dias says the comments contain “clear homophobic content, because they incite violence against homosexuals” and “constitute hate speech, incompatible with he constitutional functions of social communication.” He is demanding that Malafaia give a public retraction, devoting double the time to his apology as he did to the original statements.

Malafaia, a minister with the Victory in Christ Assembly of God whose broadcasts are viewed by millions in Brazil, the United States, and many other countries, says the accusation against him is “absurd.”

“I am absolutely not going to retract. The gays manipulate my statements to incriminate me, and I am the one who has to retract? This must be a joke.”

The threat against Malafaia reflects a growing conflict between the regime of socialist president Dilma Rousseff and religious broadcasters, who were largely responsible for her near-defeat in the 2010 presidential elections.

Brazil also persecuted Christian evangelist Julio Severo because his blog frequently denounced homosexual behavior and called government officials into question about their rabid, irrational support gay rights. Fearing for his and his families safety, Severo fled Brazil for an undisclosed location. Last year, gay terrorists in America and Brazil bullied Paypal to cut off the flow of money he was receiving from supporters to help him take care of his family.

Of course,  Hillary Clinton the chief  state witch in the Obama regime, has said nothing about this persecution.  Neither has Dr. Suzan Johnson Cook, nominated by President Obama to be the so-called Ambassador-At-large for International Religious Freedom.  Since she was installed, Johnson has been little more than an administrative lap dog for Obama.


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