The battle against homosexuality: power strategies

There are very few leadership voices telling the contemporary church what the Spirit is saying in response to the growing threat posed by homosexuality. Most religious leaders are more concerned (out of fear) for their name, image and assets than boldly proclaiming the God’s truth. A continuous diet of pomp and circumstance, programs and celebrations of every diversity had produced a glut of spiritually  fat, lazy undiscerning church goers.  Compromise, back room deals and secret sins have severely weakened the moral authority of the contemporary church. It is in no position to call out the sins of the unbelieving world or call them to repentance.

These and more factors have converged to create a perfect storm of wickedness.  It ferociously rains contempt and disdain for the ways of God. Consequently, the homosexual movement’s rage, hostility and murderous spirit is not only being stroked by a lawless government, but encouraged by the false church.  And not only the homosexual movement, but sensing momentum, other God haters have climbed out of their holes to express their rage at the Holy One.  Fingertip media with its new expansive social platforms,  has amplified the voice of a small minority giving it the appearance of being substantially greater than it actually is.  If you are in tune spiritually, you can hear the sounds of  approaching war all over. As it is in the natural, so it is in the spiritual.

That being said, God still has a remnant and a reserve, some of whom he has yet to bring forth. Until that time we should be in tune to the prophets and true leaders he has in place to speak to his people.  Like Isreal we ought to look to those with the “Issachaar” spirit. Those who understand the times and know what the church should do.  Those that have an ear to hear what the spirit is saying NOW will listen. Those who don’t, will ignore it or despise it.

If you are listening, hear what the Dr. Albert Mohler is saying. Mohler is president and professor of Christian theology at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky has been a consistent standout voice on the issue of homosexual aggression and the contemporary church. Like a battlefield commander, Mohler sees the threat for what it is and gives the type of instruction that will empower the true church.

His commentary in the April issue of TableTalk Magazine is frank, sobering and yet deeply encouraging.

“In less than a generation, homosexuality has gone from being almost universally condemned to being almost fully normalized in the larger society.

We are facing a true moral inversion — a system of moral understandings turned upside down. Where homosexuality was even recently condemned by the society, now it is considered a sin to believe that homosexuality is wrong in any way. A new sexual morality has replaced the old, and those who hold to the old morality are considered morally deficient. The new moral authorities have one central demand for the church: get with the new program.

This puts the true church, committed to the authority of God’s Word, in a very difficult cultural position. Put simply, we cannot join the larger culture in normalizing homosexuality and restructuring society to match this new morality. Recognizing same-sex unions and legalizing same-sex marriage is central to this project.”

Dr. Mohler is right. Once the last significant law against homosexuality fell in June 2003 and the gates to our nation’s moral sanity was breached, there was no turning back. At fault: the carnal,  image obsessed church (reference Rev 3:14-22, Mt 5:13). Still its no secret to students of the bible that the antichrist will draw power from first dismantling laws which restrict perversion. We see that already in progress.  In tandem, the “lawless one” will then replace them with laws which criminalize opposition to what has been dismantled. As Dr. Mohler stated its part of the “moral inversion” we are currently experiencing. Good is now being called evil and evil is being declared as good (Is 5:20).

So the pressure is on, just like it was for the early church. That’s why all of the early church leaders took time to write under the inspiration of the Holy Ghost to be “sober and vigilant”.  Jude charged us to “earnestly contend for the faith that was once delivered to the saints”. We are told to stay prepared for war by  putting on the entire armor of God.  Why? Because the face of God’s enemy is becoming more defined each day that we live. Eventually, the partially concealed outlines of its face will give way and we will see in full measure what we are up against. We are like Lot in the new Sodom and the wicked spirit that animated the men of Sodom is alive and enraged at the righteous who block its access to power.

Knowing this, what is it that the church must do. Corporately this may not be a feasible question, so what should YOU do? Dr. Mohler responds:

“First, we must stand without compromise on the authority of the Bible and the principles of sexual conduct and morality that God has revealed so clearly in His Word.

Second, we must realize what is at stake. Marriage is first and foremost a public institution. It has always been so. Throughout history, societies have granted special recognition and privileges to marriage because it is the central organizing institution of human culture. But marriage has also performed another crucial function — it has regulated morality.

This is why the challenge of samesex unions is so urgent and important. Redefining marriage is never simply about marriage. It leads to the redefinition of reproduction and parenthood, produces a legal revolution with vast consequences, replaces an old social order with something completely new, and forces the adoption of a new morality. This last point is especially important. Marriage teaches morality by its very centrality to the culture. With a new concept of marriage comes a new morality, enforced by incredible social pressure and, eventually, legal threats.

Third, we must act quickly to teach Christians the truth about marriage and God’s plan for sexuality in all its fullness and beauty. We must develop pastoral approaches that are faithful to Scripture and arm this generation of believers to withstand the cultural pressure and respond in ways that are truly Christian.

Last, and most important, this challenge must drive us to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Christians must be the first to understand this challenge in light of the gospel. After all, we know spiritual rebellion when we see it, for we ourselves were rebels before God’s grace conquered us. We know what moral confusion means because without the light of God’s Word, we are just as confused.”

I believe that God will allow this wickedness to crest, producing a hailstorm of persecution for his true church. But we are encouraged to stand fast and endure.  Because we know our God, we can be strong and do exploits during the coming dark days (ref Daniel 11:32b). Thus, we should redouble our efforts to preach in season and out of season.  God has not called us to eradicate wickedness, but to fight to restrain and restrict it through the power of the Holy Spirit until he returns.

GCMW renews our call to be uncompromising, steadfast conduits of God’s truth. That should be our mandate until we arrive at our Father’s house.

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