COGIC toughens its opposition to Obama’s gay marriage lie

At first, the Church of God in Christ, Inc (COGIC) responded to President Obama’s gay marriage lie with a stale restatement of its GE Patterson era marriage proclamation.

Perhaps sensing that the firestorm over the issue was deeper and more pervasive than they thought it was,  the denomination has now posted a much needed elaboration on its existing same sex policy. The church hardens its response as it should have done in the beginning.

The President’s position regarding “same-sex marriage” has set off a “firestorm,” unlike any other debate in our civil society, perhaps, since the civil rights unrest of the mid-20th century. The advocacy for same-sex marriage, while in conflict with our nation’s long-standing moral posture, has indeed, created opportunity for the Church to communicate our unequivocal position about God’s design and foundation for humanity, the biblical mandate for heterosexuality through the bonds of matrimony and, the centuries-old understanding of the only acceptable means of procreation, habitation, and the establishment of the family.

The President suggests same sex relationships and male-female relationships committed to by oath before God and/or witnesses, where formal documents are signed before a civil or ecclesiastical figure. It further implies that both are equally good and valuable. In addition to this, it suggests that both equally contribute to the good and advancement of a society. From a fundamental view of scripture, the same word should not be used to describe both same sex and heterosexual relationships.

The COGIC is right to place the blame on Obama for igniting this social wildfire only months before the election.  Although he has used the church significantly to cloak his deceptive agenda in piousness, he has with the other hand passed more anti-religious freedom policies than any other president before him. What’s more Obama has actively worked to undermine and overthrow the biblical foundations on which the church operates. See our timeline on Obama’s false religious lifestyle.

Neither so called “marriage vows”, civil unions, nor homosexual drives or passions are recognized by the Bible as justifications or acceptable excuses or rationale for sexual acts between individuals of the same sex.  Sinful desires and inclinations must be resisted and overcome by the power of God in Christ Jesus, and by power of the Holy Spirit who strengthens our minds and our wills.

Our vocabularies are made up of thousands of words because there are so many distinctive entities and concepts to be referred to.  Each word designates a category of entities which are unique to that word.  Specific words are most useful when they reflect identical images, and when they do not create conflicting or unclear images in the mind of the speaker and the hearer.  The Bible defines marriage as a relationship between one man and one woman (Genesis 2:24; 1 Corinthians 7:2; 1 Timothy 3:2, 12; Titus 1:6).  To define marriage otherwise is to dilute and destroy its usefulness as a word which denotes what is highest and best about human society.

The sole point where COGIC attempts to mitigate its opposition to homosexual marriage is found in the illogical –but oft used– statement “we recognize that in a free and democratic society morality cannot be legislated.”  Morality can be and is legislated in our society.  There are laws and legislation against prostitution, adult-child sex, rape, pornography, beastiality and more. All of these, as is homosexuality, are acts of immorality and the government, with the consent of the people, do legislate such actions.

In fact it is the responsibility of the state to legislate morality for the common good.  If  life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all is to be preserved, then we must legislate morality to a certain degree. The issue is can morality be effectively legislated. I believe it can, though there are numerous obstacles.  Can the church legislate morality? Obviously not because it is not a political organization.  But even that falls flat when one considers the responsibility of the church to restrain and restrict sin among its own members whose conduct can surely impact the society’s common good. Read  a more detailed explanation of sexuality, legislation and morality from the Dunamis Word.

COGIC joins the Assemblies of God in speaking out with more force and authority against the President’s wicked statements.

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