African American Pentecostal Bishops reject gay ordination

CLEVELAND – The nation’s foremost organization of African American pentecostal episcopates has released a statement rejecting the ordination, approval and acceptance of unrepentant homosexuals into Christian ministry. Despite increasing numbers of predominately white formerly mainline denominations capitulating to ordaining and consecrating open homosexuals, others are drawing a spiritual and policy-based line in the sand.

The  Joint College of African American Pentecostal Bishops (JCAAPB) released a strongly worded statement via its website decrying “prejudice, bigotry and violence” against homosexuals, but maintaining a unwavering biblical position in the process.

The act of homosexuality is a sin according to God’s Word. God’s intent in creation was that male and female would be complimentary, that the privilege of sexual expression would be between male and female only, and this expression would be only in the context of marriage. Both heterosexual and homosexual sexual behavior outside of marriage violates the human spirit and distorts God’s intent for our lives.  The Holy Scriptures condemn homosexual practices (Genesis 19:4-10; Leviticus 18:22; 30:13; Romans 1: 26-28; and First Timothy 1:8-10), and we follow this instruction and example of Jesus.

While the world systems are being continually affected by cultural and sociological changes, we will not compromise or deviate from the standards set by God.  We do not endorse or consecrate homosexuals to the Holy Office of Bishop, or condone their ordination into Holy Office as Deacons or Elders (Priests), for to do so is both dishonoring to God and a betrayal of our Faith.  The ordination of a practicing homosexual to any church office contradicts the clear mandate of God.  Therefore, the Joint College will NEVER accept or bless same-sex unions of any kind or grant those living such a lifestyle Apostolic Succession into Holy Office.”

Headed by former COGIC official J. Delano Ellis, the Joint College first made news in April 2004 when it convened a special session on the so-called “gospel of inclusion” and declared it heresy and its chief advocate Carlton Pearson, a heretic [source].

The organization counts among its executive board COGIC Presiding Bishop Charles Blake, Sr,  Bishop Alfred Owens, head of the Mt Calvary Holy Churches of America, Bishop Walter Thomas and Bishop Claude Alexander of Kingdom Association of Covenant Pastors.


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