False teacher Brian McLaren marries his gay son

Its been proven again and again. The main motivation for these false teachers approving homosexual conduct comes down to two things: their families or themselves.

It had just been a couple of years when McLaren shifted his thinking and abandoned the traditional view of homosexuality being a sin that he grew up with.

“I had gone through my change in this view before I ever guessed that any of my kids might be gay,” he said on the radio program.” [source]

How very convenient, Mr. McLaren. Either way, putting either one over the will of God is idolatrous but idolatry isn’t a big concern with false teachers.

We’ve reported on Brian McLaren and his emergent church loonies here, here and here. As a leader in the emergent church movement, GCM Watch was the first to tell you that a marriage of the two false ideologies was inevitable. Both are cut from the same doctrinal error cloth. The lies false teachers tell are always self-serving.  Always. The ones who spit out the gay is not a sin lie are profiting and personally benefitting from the telling of lies.

McLaren was the co-performer of his son’s “wedding” to another man in Washington.

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