Kurt Carr has seen God deliver people from homosexuality

Its not too often that we have any praise for the spiritually corrupt black gospel industry. Their music is most times shallow, self centered and downright offensive to the truth of scripture. But we have to give it to Kurt Carr for writing this new song “Ive seen him do it”. Its the perfect muscial testimony of what God is doing as he brings men and women out of homosexuality and into a lifestyle of holiness.  God always has a witness and what better person than Kurt Carr who has a major platform and the attention of many behind the scenes in the black church and black gospel music industry who are bound and gagged by homosexual sin.

“I believe people from every background who hear this song “I’VE SEEN HIM DO IT” will be able to relate to the lyrics and testify that they have indeed seen God move in their lives in miraculous ways over and over again…How do I know? I’ve Seen Him Do It”, said Carr.

Ive seen him do it too, Mr. Carr. Ive seen God deliver men who were so steeped in homosexual perversion they didn’t know if they were coming or going. I’ve seen God touch the lives of lesbians who looked more like a man than you do, Mr. Carr. I’ve seen God touch them and restore them to beautiful, soft femininity as they have submitted to Him. Its a beautiful thing to testify to the power of God and say with confidence: “Ive seen Him do it”!

Enjoy I’ve seen him do it by Kurt Carr.

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