False teacher Dr. James A. Forbes brags about marrying homosexuals

You can find Dr. James A. Forbes of New York in pulpits, conventions and gatherings of many holiness-pentecostal denominations. Including his unfettered access to the Church of God in Christ. Forbes was featured at COGIC’s 2012 AIM convention held in Birmingham in June. Forbes conveniently cloaks his acid lies behind the background of being reared in the United Holy Church of America,  a holiness Pentecostal denomination began in 1886. His father was a leader for many years in the denomination’s Southern District. His knowledge of the veneer of black church pentecostalism makes him an attractive guest to leaders who have no value for biblical integrity or sexual holiness.

You also may not know that Forbes is a false teacher who brags about his involvement with the homosexual “marriage” perversion. False teachers and perversion go together like a hand in a glove. According to the gay marriage organization Lambda Legal, Forbes is one of their main defenders and supporters. They use his quote on their website and urges supporters to use Forbes’ quote in their gay marriage “talking points”.

“I have officiated at wedding ceremonies for gay couples for 15 years, and I believe that gay marriage will do more for stable families and will not harm one single heterosexual marriage.”

Forbes is going to be a guest speaker for the Metropolitan Community Church for their upcoming convention. If you are unfamiliar with the MCC and its gaggle of  sex cultic clerics look here, here and here. Warning: not safe for spiritually weak minds!


These false prophets are just as welcome at the “holiness” meetings as they are at the satanic altars. When leaders such as Bishop Charles Blake give these false teachers access to their churches and especially young people, its like letting a ravenous wolf into a room with lambs. Blake has a history of dancing cheek to cheek in the dark with the homosexuals and their allies but then claiming not to know them when he is exposed.

COGIC’s leader should be ashamed that he continues to undermine the foundations of a once great church. Sadly, with men like Blake at its helm allowing wolves like Forbes into the flock, it wont last much longer.

COGIC used to be guided by a protective truth established in scripture that was foundational holiness. Come from among them and be ye separate, says the Lord (2 Cor 6:17). But under Bishop Blake’s wayward leadership it has changed to “Let them in among you and be ye defiled.”

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