Jaunita Bynum-gay church revisited on youtube

An anonymous youtube user has resurrected the Jaunita Bynum-gay church controversy by posting a video of the “consecration service” and criticizing Bynum as a “bisexual cusser”.

“Juanita Bynum says they gave her support financially, would not the let them(repo people) take her car, and that’s not the only reason she was there, but she was there in agreement of same sex attraction/marriage support which she decided to open about in recent confession. The pastor of church in the video is a man who is married to man. Juanita Bynum talks [sic] about the people taking words out a of special box called cuss box. Same sex practice, cussing sin common place for the recliner. Juanita Bynum is bisexual, cusser, yet you want a word for her.I know you want like, but it is the truth.”

GCM Watch first broke the story in 2009 here and here and subsequently reported in 2012 when Bynum admitted to past lesbian relationships although she did not say she had repented of such relationships. Nor did encourage others in homosexual relationships to repent.

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