Detroit News says bishop wants videos removed from internet

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The videos of a Detroit bishop shown physically mounting two men laying face down in a church “consecration” service wants them removed according to a Fox News station.

Bishop Wayne T. Jackson says that insults left on his Facebook page have “been a main attack on homosexuals.”

The video taken in August at Jackson’s Impact Ministries International shows him praying while lying atop new bishops who are on the floor, clothed and covered in white clothes.

Jackson says he has been holding the ordinations since 1998. He wants to have the video removed from the popular YouTube site.

Washington, D.C.-based National Black Church Initiative president The Rev. Anthony Evans says the practice is unusual and offensive, but Jackson “has a right to develop any ceremony he chooses.

Its unclear what Jackson is referring to by “a main attack on homosexuals.”

Jackson had sparked nationwide outrage and disgust after thousands of people viewed the video. Despite aggressive attempts to stomp out the video online, it multiplied quickly. The video was originally posted on Youtube by the one of the men who participated in the practice called “full body covering”.

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